Seven Churches Of Revelation, which are named after the cities they were located in during the Roman period, are the places you must visit to explore the unique historical heritage of the Aegean geography. It is believed that the apocalypse was written in these churches, so each of them is of great importance for the history of world religions. In this article, you can find more about Seven Churches Of Revelation.

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What Are the Seven Churches Of Revelation?

Anatolian geography is considered sacred for many cultures and is called the cradle of civilizations. Undoubtedly, historical buildings in every region of Anatolia are more valuable than the other. However, seven ancient churches in the Aegean Region have a very special importance. In addition to being the important centers where Christianity was founded and spread, these churches are considered sacred because they are mentioned in a divine vision conveyed by St. Paul in the Inspiration Book, the last part of the New Testament: St. made warnings about the end of the world, whereupon St. Paul sent seven letters to the churches in Anatolia with advice on how to prepare for the end of the world.

Each of the churches that were founded during the most powerful period of the Roman Empire is mentioned in the New Testament, the second part of the Bible, the holy book of Christianity. Even when the churches were first opened, the Christians in the region were under great pressure. These holy temples, known as the first seven churches of Christianity, gradually paved the way for this religion to spread to Anatolia. In addition to being religious centers themselves, each of the seven cities in which they were located was also an important trade center and was in an important position both militarily and politically.

Seven Churches Of Revelation

1-Ephesus (Ephesus)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; Ephesus Church, which the Bible advises to avoid evil and to work hard, is located in the ancient metropolitan Ephesus, located in today’s Selçuk district of İzmir. Hz. After the crucifixion of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and other apostles, who settled in Anatolia with St. John, formed the first Christian community here, out of sight. The Church of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus is also considered an important pilgrimage center for Christians.

The letter that St. Paul sent to the church warns the Christians living in the region against the old gods and evils there. The ancient city, which also hosts the ruins of the Temple of Artemis and the Ancient City of Ephesus, has always been an important center for many civilizations that dominated the region.

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2-İzmir (Smyrna)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; Izmir, which is still one of the important port cities of the Aegean Region and known as Smyrna during the Roman Empire, was a rich commercial city and one of the largest cities of its time, together with Bergama and Ephesus, as well as being a source of inspiration for religious aphorisms. Smyrna is now called “Asia’s first city”. It is possible to see the Ancient City of Smyrna at the Izmir Agora Open Air Museum. Many historical remains in the ancient city are exhibited in the Izmir Archeology Museum.

3-Bergama (Pergamon)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; Bergama, which was established on the edge of today’s Bakırçay; It has been home to many different civilizations, including the Ancient Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman periods. Many historical artifacts such as the Pergamon Gate in the ancient city are exhibited in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin today. According to the Christian narrative, an angry group in Bergama martyred St. Antipas by burning him alive in 92; This event is known as the first martyrdom in the history of Christianity.

4-Salihli (Sardes)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; Sardis, located in the Salihli district of today’s Manisa, was also the capital of the ancient Lydian Kingdom, which ruled in the Southern Aegean before the Roman Empire. Located near Sart Village on the İzmir-Ankara road, the ancient city is also home to the Thousand Hills, known as the world’s largest tumulus (hill-shaped tombs).

Seven Churches Of Revelation

5-Alaşehir (Philadelphia)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; The ancient city, which is located in today’s Manisa city and which we translated into Turkish as Alaşehir, was established on the slopes of Bozdağ. The ancient city, which also gave its old name to the city of Philadelphia in the United States, had a dense Jewish population during the Roman Empire. According to the Bible, the Jews living in this city persecuted the Christians in the city, so Hz. Jesus praised the city for their faithfulness and faith.

6-Denizli (Laodikeia)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; The ancient city, which has a deep-rooted history, is thought to be the capital of the North Phrygian part of the Phrygian Kingdom, which was divided into two in ancient times. In the Roman period, the ancient city of Laodikeia, located in the Çürüksu Valley, had a dense Jewish population just like Philadelphia. The church in Laodikeia is thought to be older than the Christian consuls in Iznik and Istanbul.

Seven Churches Of Revelation

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7-Akhisar (Thyateira)

Seven Churches Of Revelation; Located on the Izmir-Istanbul highway, the Akhisar district of Manisa was founded on the ancient city of Thyateira, where the first settlement dates back to 3000 BC. According to the Bible, a female priest named Jezebel seduced Christians in the city of Thyateira and caused them to sin, upon which St. Paul sent a letter to the church and warned them to take the right path.

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