Oludeniz is known for its turquoise waters that are still, even in stormy weather, and hundreds of paragliders jumping from Babadağ .It is a neighborhood of Muğla’s Fethiye district, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourism destinations. Oludeniz Lagoon, which is called “the paradise bestowed by God to the world”, is located in Belcekiz Bay, which is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. 950 hectares of Oludeniz, which is named after its smooth turquoise waters, has been designated as Kıdrak Nature Park.

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Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz is a small town of Fethiye. It is 13 km from Fethiye city centre, 4 km from Hisaronu and 18 km from the famous Calis Beach. It is, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey and Europe, is also known as the Blue Lagoon. Its unique sea and magnificent scenery make the area popular, and it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It is a seaside resort filled with beach-side hotels and hostels and great restaurants and bars. Oludeniz is at the foot of Babadag, which is a world-famous and popular flight point for paragliders. It is one of the best paragliding places in the world with its wonderful scenery and weather conditions.

Oludeniz Paragliding

Oludeniz beach consists of 2 parts. Looking towards the sea, the part on the left has a long sandy beach called Belcekiz. The other part is the lagoon part known as Oludeniz. It is protected as a national reserve. Even on windy days and storms, the sea stays calm as a pool here. It is among the top 5 beaches in the world with its magnificent waters and beach.

There are no houses in the valley. The region is a complete holiday resort with all its hotels, hostels and restaurants. Some of Turkey’s best hotels, restaurants and bars are here and they serve to make your holiday more enjoyable.

Oludeniz is known for its turquoise waters that are still, even in stormy weather, and hundreds of paragliders jumping from Babadağ .It is a neighborhood of Muğla’s Fethiye district, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourism destinations.

Oludeniz Weather

It’s weather is hot. In summer, the air temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius, but the average temperature passes between 35-37 degrees Celsius. Winters are cool but not cold. The average temperature in January is around 13-14 degrees Celsius. From May onwards, you can enjoy the warm air and sea water.

How To Go To Oludeniz?

You can choose the airline for fast and easy transportation. There are direct flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Dalaman Airport, which is 55 kilometers from Oludeniz. After reaching Dalaman in an average of 1.5 hours, you can reach Fethiye with the shuttles of Havaş or airline companies, as well as rent a car, arrange a transfer service and reach the town effortlessly.

Since it is far from big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, those who do not want to drive can easily come to the town with intercity bus companies. There are reciprocal bus services from many cities of our country to Fethiye every day. There are regular minibus services to Oludeniz from Fethiye Bus Station in the center.

How Far Is Fethiye From Oludeniz?

The distance between Fethiye and Oludeniz is 14 kilometers. You can reach there in an average of 30 minutes by traveling through lush forests.

How Far Is Antalya From Oludeniz?

The distance between Antalya and Oludeniz is 205 kilometers and the journey takes an average of 3 hours by car.

How Far Is Istanbul From Oludeniz?

You can reach Oludeniz, which is 810 kilometers away from Istanbul, in approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes by your private car.

How Far Is Ankara From Oludeniz?

Although the distance between Ankara and Oludeniz is 630 kilometers, the journey by private car takes approximately 9 hours.

How Far Is Izmir From Oludeniz?

You can reach there, which is 347 kilometers away from İzmir, in 5 hours by car.

How Far Is Marmaris From Oludeniz?

The distance between Marmaris and Oludeniz is 135 kilometers. You can reach there from Marmaris in about 2 hours by car.

What To Do In Oludeniz?

We have compiled 10 activities you can do:

1. Wander around Kordon

Along the famous Kordon, which stretches along Belcekiz Beach, there are stands and centers where you can participate in activities such as paragliding or boat tours, as well as beautiful cafes and restaurants.

2. Walk the Lycian Way

If you want to take a small walk on the Historical Lycian Way, which is a walking route of approximately five hundred kilometers between Fethiye and Antalya, do not forget to take sports shoes and some water and food with you.

3. Paraglide

Those who choose to jump from Babadağ, one of the best paragliding spots in the world, can watch Oludeniz from a bird’s eye view.

4. Enjoy the view of Oludeniz

The viewing area, located at the entrance of Oludeniz, offers travelers the opportunity to watch the panoramic view of this beautiful holiday spot.

5. See the Blue Cave

The deep blue waters and magnificent scenery of the Blue Cave, which you can reach by boat tour, will fascinate you. The cave, which has a single entrance, can only be reached by jumping from the boat and swimming.

6. Stop by the Nature Park

Oludeniz Nature Park, located at the end of the promenade, is one of the must-see places in here. Nature Park offers its visitors a feast for the eyes with its perfect nature.

7. Take the boat tour

You should consider taking boat tours that provide a blue voyage to places with magnificent nature such as Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay.

8. Shop at the bazaar

You can shop at Oludeniz Bazaar, which forms an entire street with a slight slope, lined up parallel to the promenade, and you can take cute gifts to your loved ones.

9. Ride a pedalo

Take a romantic tour with the sea bikes that offer the opportunity to wander in the calm waters of Oludeniz on your own, or capture frames that make photographers jealous in the exquisite landscape.

10. Experience the nightlife

If nightlife, entertainment and music are a part of your holiday, go to the colorful venues of Oludeniz and have fun accompanied by local and foreign music.

Oludeniz Paragliding

Paragliding flights are made in Babadag (mountain). There are four main runways on Babadağ: 1200 meters, 1700 meters, 1800 meters and 1960 meters. Each of these runways faces a different wind direction. Since the paraglider has to take off against the wind, the instructor observes the wind during the flight, goes to the appropriate runway and prepares for the flight from there.

Oludeniz Paragliding

Is There a Safety Risk in Oludeniz Paragliding?

In Oludeniz, where an average of 100,000 guests fly every year, the security risk associated with paragliding is very, very low. Minor glitches are likely to occur. These disruptions are generally experienced as a result of the passenger trying to give up the flight during the flight by refusing to walk due to excessive fear during the take-off phase. In order to prevent this situation, another assistant instructors assist the passengers during the take-off phase until the flight starts.

Is It Possible to Take Pictures in Oludeniz Paragliding?

It is forbidden for passengers to take phones, cameras, etc. with them during the flight. However, during the flight, your pilot takes photos and videos with the cameras mounted on the parachute and presents them to you at the end of the flight. These shots can be paid, it is useful to ask before the flight.

Is there a weight and height limit in Oludeniz Paragliding?

There is a weight limit for paragliding flights separately for men and women. The weight limit is 110 kg for men and 90 kg for women. We do not have a minimum weight limit. These limitations are representative. You can get information about the subject before the flight from the company that will organize the flight. The height limit is a maximum of 2 meters.

How Long Does an Oludeniz Paragliding Flight Take?

Fethiye paragliding is done in Babadağ, the height of Babadağ is 2000 meters. If a flight is made from this center, the flight time takes an average of 25 minutes. Butterfly Valley flight team extends the flight time by +15 minutes with thermal methods, so your stay in the air becomes 40 minutes. However, this time may vary in line with your aerobatic request.

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Oludeniz Paragliding Prices

Fethiye Oludeniz paragliding prices have been at least 1900 TL (100 €) for 2022 in line with the price policy decision taken by the the cooperative. This price is the minimum price and will vary according to the companies.

When we look at the general price policy for 2022, it is possible to say that the price of paragliding is 2500 TL (130 €). This price is only the flight price. If you want to take videos and pictures during the flight, you have to pay an extra 500 TL (125€).

Who Can Do Paragliding?

Anyone who does not have a disease related to excitement and is older than 4 years old can paraglide.

What Should You Bring With You While Paragliding?

You must have sneakers and sunglasses. In addition, female passengers should not prefer skirts, they should wear shorts or trousers, since it is a problem when wearing harnesses.

Can You Fly Yourself?

Long-term training should be considered for a single planning parachute. However, what we call tandem school parachute is not available for double parachute.

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