10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Although most of the Cappadocia region is connected to Nevşehir, the region includes the provinces of Niğde, Kayseri, Aksaray and Kırşehir. The rocky area that forms Avanos, Ürgüp, Göreme, Ihlara, Derinkuyu and Uçhisar and its surroundings covers the Cappadocia region, which is heavily flooded with visitors today.

There are many places you can see with Cappadocia tours. According to the organized tour concepts, the place you can see ranges from the Three Beauties to the Göreme Open Air Museum, from Avanos pottery workshops to Uçhisar Castle, from Dervent Valley to the Underground city. In this article, we will give you detailed information about 10 magnificent places you can see with Cappadocia tours. If you want, let’s start reading our content.

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10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours

1- Goreme Open Air Museum

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; When you say Cappadocia tours, one of the first places that will come to your mind will undoubtedly be the Göreme Open Air Museum. Göreme Open Air Museum is the place where monastery education first started. When you come here, you will feel yourself both in the monastery, in the church and in the cemeteries. Because the museum hosts different areas. The dining halls, the chapel and the wine cellar make up the rest.

2- Avanos Pottery Workshops

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; While you are in Cappadocia, we recommend that you do not return without visiting the pottery workshops in Avanos. The pottery workshops touch the historical texture of Avanos and serve as a symbol showing that the soil turns into art and people become artists. These pottery workshops welcome their visitors in caves carved into the rocks.

We think you would like to show your creativity here. You can leave wonderful memories of your trip by making pottery in the workshops, and you can also take home made pottery works here. Then you can explore the Dervent Valley.

3- Dervent Valley

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; We need to emphasize that Cappadocia is a settlement full of valleys. The heat emitted by the volcanic eruptions around Cappadocia has replaced the drying sea with deep valleys filled with soft rocks shaped by cooled lava. Dervent valley, located in Avanos, stands out as one of these valleys. Dervent Valley, which resembles a desert with its appearance, is among the places you must see in Cappadocia. We can say that these lavas flowing together with the strong winds blowing in Dervent Valley reveal fairy chimneys of different shapes.

When you look at the fairy chimneys in Dervent Valley located in Avanos region, you may think that they were once alive. Because shapes create different impressions in the minds of travelers. For this reason, the other name of Dervent Valley is called Dream Valley. We can also add that the rocks are called Pink Valley because of the color they take at sunset. The camel-looking rock in the valley attracts the attention of travelers.

4- Uchisar-Guvercinlik Valley

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; We hope that you will not return without stopping by Uçhisar Güvercinlik Valley and tying a handkerchief to the wishing tree. Uçhisar is one of the places to visit in Cappadocia. We recommend you to visit Güvercinlik Valley, which is integrated with the story of the pigeons that gave its name to the valley from past to present. From here you can take wonderful panoramic photos, have them taken and leave pleasant travel memories.

When you look from the top of the valley, you will encounter a perfect view. You can consider the stone hotels of Cappadocia as one of the details that adorn this landscape. Because together with the greenish landscape, the fairy chimneys and the exotic appearance of the hotel offer you a composition you have never seen before.

5- Uchisar Castle

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Did you know that when you go to Uçhisar, you can go up to the castle and watch the balloon flights? If you are wondering about the roof of Cappadocia, it is enough to go to Uçhisar Castle. From here, you get the opportunity to watch the snowy hill of Erciyes Mountain, Kızılçukur and other natural beauties of Cappadocia, Ürgüp and Avanos in all their nakedness.

6- Fairy Chimneys Three Beauties

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Fairy chimneys cover almost every part of Cappadocia. However, the Three Beauties are almost a symbol for Cappadocia due to their hats. Three Beauties, which is also among the 7 wonders of the world, expresses the nuclear family line-up of two big and one small fairy chimneys, consisting of parents and children.

In addition, there are different legends about the Three Beauties according to each traveler. While the Three Beauties express people turned into stone in some of these legends, in others they reflect the friendship of fairies and humans. Every year, 3 million tourists visit the Three Beauties during their Cappadocia holiday and revive these legends in their own minds.

7- Wine Cellars

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Wouldn’t there be wine cellars on the list of places to visit in Cappadocia? Handmade wines stand out as one of the features that make Cappadocia famous. While visiting Cappadocia, you should not return without trying these quality and delicious flavors. Especially in the Urgup region, there are many wine cellars. You can try tasting wines by visiting the cellars and take them home.

8- Underground Cities

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Many underground cities still exist in Cappadocia waiting to be discovered. Within the scope of Cappadocia tours, many tour companies organize trips to underground cities with guides. Among these, Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı and Özkonak Underground Cities attract great attention from travelers. Derinkuyu Underground City, which was opened to visitors in 1967 and takes its name from the 52 water wells in it, goes down to 50 m.

Kaymaklı Underground City, which has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list since 1984, can only host its visitors up to 4 meters in depth, while it goes down to 8 meters in depth. 14 km from Avanos. Özkonak Underground City, which is located at a distance of 4 floors and consists of 4 floors, is divided into sections such as barns, living rooms, kitchen and cellar.

9- Ihlara Valley

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Ihlara Valley lies within the provincial borders of Aksaray, the southern part of Cappadocia. Many travelers who tour Cappadocia fall here. The emergence of the valley, starting from the village of Ihlara and ending in Selime, dates back centuries. The formation of a volcanic layer by the lava of Mount Hasan is the first step to lay the foundations of the valley. Melendiz Stream flows through the middle of the valley.

From the moment you enter the valley, you are accompanied by the chirping of the birds with the sounds of the sparkling waters. We would also like to add that you will take 397 steps to feel this peace to your bones and to descend into the valley. However, when you hear all the sounds of nature in the valley, it will not take long to see that it is worth the tiredness you suffer.

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10- Zerve Open Air Museum

10 Amazing Places You Can See With Cappadocia Tours; Zelve Open Air Museum, located on the Goreme-Avanos road; It is located within the borders of Göreme Historical National Park. It is one of the oldest and most important settlements of the region, which is spread over a wide area in the valley where it takes its name. Zelve Ruins, which is thought to be one of the important settlement and religious centers of Christians between the 9th and 13th centuries, was used by the local people until the 1950s. There are settlements carved into the rocks, tunnels, dovecotes, churches, monasteries, mosque and village square in the valley.

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