Cappadocia Mud Bath; The mud bath is named with the word “moor”, which means healing earth in some languages. It is good for healing mild aches and pains, increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, purifying the skin with cell renewal and slowing down the aging process. Not only that; It is astringent, hormonal balancer, relieving muscle and bone problems, and it is perfect for relieving fatigue. It relieves stress and improves sleep quality with its fast-felt effect.

You can add beauty to your life with a renewed body and soul after a relaxing mud bath in Cappadocia, which is a natural health country with its soil rich in volcanic ash and minerals. In this article, you can find all the things about Cappadocia mud bath.

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Cappadocia Mud Bath

Benefits of Cappadocia Mud Bath

It provides many benefits in both health and skin care with its rich organic and inorganic minerals in the peloid found in the mud. The absorption power of kaolinite, illite and smectite minerals contained in Peloid is high. For this reason, on the one hand, they protect the skin against physical and chemical harmful factors with their fine-grained mechanical structures and plasticity properties, on the other hand, they clean the skin by absorbing skin secretions such as oil and sweat. They correct the pH and lubrication of the skin, especially in long-term treatments. Thus, they provide the elimination of the background that leads to the development of bacterial origin and other infections such as acne and abscesses on the skin.

The use of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in rheumatic conditions and in the treatment of rheumatic diseases is of great importance. It can be used in inflammatory rheumatic diseases, Ankylosing spondylitis, and painful rheumatic conditions of the structures around the shoulder joint. It is an important complementary treatment option in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis in appropriate periods. Because of its same properties, peloid can also be used for cold application in sports injuries and acute inflammatory conditions.

Contents of Cappadocia Mud Bath

When you get the Cappadocia mud bath service, you will also benefit from the following services of the facilities:

Cappadocia Hot Water Pool

Hot water pools, which have been the subject of numerous researches and in which areas they provide treatment, are widely used in many health centers, as it is understood by the name “hot water therapy”. There are studies showing that it has positive effects in many areas from healing joint disorders to relaxation of muscles.

The health benefits should perhaps be provided under the supervision of a doctor, under appropriate conditions and proven by experiments, but the effect of hot water therapy on beauty, relaxation and ending the day with pleasure is indisputable.

Cappadocia Doctor Fishes

Meet the doctor fish for massage and pedicure. “Garra Rufa” fish, known as doctor fish in our country, feed by sucking the dead and loose skin on the body. Specialized in curing psoriasis, fungal and eczema diseases, these fish accelerate blood circulation and renew the skin by massaging the hands and feet. Doctor fish without teeth deliver tiny effective blows through their mouths that activate the entire nervous system while gnawing on cells. The massage effect given by hundreds of fish makes fishes to be accepted as indispensable massage experts.

Do not miss this experience that will allow you to completely rejuvenate at a beauty center serving in rock caves, which are part of the Cappadocia nature.

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Cappadocia Mud Cave

Cappadocia Mud Cave serves in places carved into large rock masses by the ancient people living in Cappadocia. You can find all alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot and cold drinks in the cafeteria inside the cave. You can buy peloid products prepared with various oils and teas in the shopping unit in the cave.

Cappadocia Mud Bath Prices

The price of the Cappadocia mud bath is between 25-30 € as of 2023.

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