Hiking In Cappadocia; Cappadocia, which has hosted many civilizations, has a full and rich history. In addition to its historical past, it is a center of attraction with its fascinating natural beauties. Although fairy chimneys, balloon tours or underground cities come to mind when Cappadocia is mentioned, Cappadocia also has many uniquely beautiful valleys. These valleys promise very enjoyable nature walks for hiking lovers.

It’s good to say this from the beginning. If you are going to go hiking in Cappadocia, you should prefer the spring or autumn months. Because in Cappadocia, it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Especially the autumn months are the most suitable season for trekking in Cappadocia. In this season, where everywhere is painted yellow, orange and red, and the trees shed their leaves, trekking becomes much more enjoyable.

Today I will tell you about Cappadocia walking routes. During your walk, you will be very close to the fairy chimneys. You will often come across old caves and historical churches on the way. Which are the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia for trekking, how to get there and what awaits us there?

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Kizilcukur Valley (Red Valley)

Hiking In Cappadocia; You can reach here by entering the Ortahisar junction on the Ürgüp Road. When you enter from here, you start from the top of the valley and go down slowly. The valley takes its name from the fact that it consists of red rocks. In addition to having many activities here, it is one of the most special spots to watch sunrise and sunset.

Hiking In Cappadocia

Meskendir Valley

Hiking In Cappadocia; This is another entry point of the Cappadocia hiking trail. When you move a little further, it moves forward by merging with the Kızılçukur entrance. You can enter a little behind Kızıkçukur. It has a steep entrance, but do not be intimidated, be sure there is a very pleasant road down there.

Valley of the Swords (Kılıçlar Valley)

Hiking In Cappadocia; You can reach the valley by walking from Göreme to the Open Air Museum, after passing Görkündere and Zemi valleys. It will be opposite the Open Air Museum. You can see monasteries and churches in the open-air museum. The historical texture does not disappear when you cross the road in the Kılıçlar valley. You can find abandoned rock-carved old houses, small churches and chapels in the valley. You will experience the feeling of walking in a ghost town.

Rose Valley (Güllüdere Valley)

Hiking In Cappadocia; The valley below Kızılçukur. It is located on the part of the Cappadocia hiking route near Çavuşin. A very nice spot to watch the balloons at sunrise. Likewise, at sunset, it turns into a fascinating atmosphere with the red lights hitting the red rocks. You can reach it by entering the Göreme-Çavuşin road.

Zemi Valley

Hiking In Cappadocia; You can reach the Open Air Museum from Göreme by taking a right turn. One end of the valley is connected to the Ürgüp road and the other to Göreme. It can be preferred for a long quiet nature walk in autumn. It has a 5600 m track. It can be a challenging route at times. It is useful to choose shoes and clothes accordingly. It is one of the most enjoyable routes in my opinion, I recommend it.

If you are going to go hiking in Cappadocia, you should prefer the spring or autumn months. Because in Cappadocia, it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Especially the autumn months are the most suitable season for trekking in Cappadocia.

Pigeon Valley (Güvercinlik Valley-Monks Valley)

Hiking In Cappadocia; It is a valley that is like a connector between Uçhisar and Göreme. If you want to reach from one to the other, you can use this valley both as a walking path and for transportation. You can reach the center of the other from the centers of both towns. You will see plenty of Pigeonholes in this valley, which has a sweet little water flowing through it. Pigeons have been very popular birds in this geography for centuries, and it is quite possible to see flocks of birds around the valley.

Love Valley (Bağlıdere Valley)

Hiking In Cappadocia; When you turn from the Goreme road to the road that leaves for Nevşehir, it will be a little further on the left. You should look at the signs not as Love Valley, but as Baglidere Valley. Only here you will find two entrances, for the valley walk you have to enter through the descending entrance. In this valley, you will encounter huge, capped fairy chimneys. I guarantee that the forms of the rocks will be very impressive. The walking path stretches towards Göreme, it has a 5 km track. The top of this valley will be one of the best choices to watch the sunrise and the balloons in the morning.

Hiking In Cappadocia

Ihlara Valley

Hiking In Cappadocia; Ihlara Valley is located in Güzelyurt in Aksaray province. The valley formed by the erosion of the Melendiz Stream is among the largest canyons in the world. The Mediterranean climate is seen as a microclimate in the valley, which has an average depth of 150 meters and a width of 200 meters. Melendiz Stream accompanies the path along the hiking trail. There are the remains of the settlement in the old times in the valley. There are various churches, chapels and necropolises along the walking path in the valley, which is entered with a museum card.

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Gomeda Valley

Hiking In Cappadocia; Although the Gomeda valley is called Küçük Ihlara, I don’t think they have much to do with it. Here, there are fairy chimneys and cave formations in almost all valleys and water flows through them. This is such a valley, but I think we can say that the water part is a little more dominant. You can see the water boiling from the ground beside the tiny stream flowing along the walking path. You will come across all kinds of caves, tunnels and dovecotes along the valley. At the same time, it was very pleasant for me to be a very green valley. You can reach it via the Ürgüp-Mustafapaşa road.

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