One of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to Cappadocia, whose reputation exceeds that of Turkey, is what to eat in Cappadocia. When you come to Cappadocia, be ready to encounter delicious tables and dishes prepared with traditional methods. You will have a holiday that you cannot get enough of with red meats, green vegetables and other Cappadocia dishes.

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What To Eat In Cappadocia; Cappadocia dishes are prepared according to the traditional characteristics of Central Anatolian cuisine. In terms of local flavor, it is possible to say that the geographical location is guiding. The lack of a wide variety of agricultural products was also reflected on the tables, and the flavors made with pulses came to the fore.

Among the famous Cappadocia dishes, the flavors of these grains and legumes mixed with meat come to the fore. Especially difficult to make and takes a long time to cook, pottery kebab and pot beans are among the most famous dishes of Cappadocia. You can read our page to find a more detailed answer to your question about what to eat in Cappadocia.

Famous Foods of Cappadocia

What To Eat In Cappadocia; The Cappadocia region is very advantageous in terms of transportation, both due to its location and its popularity. You have more than one alternative for transportation from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Now, let’s talk about each transportation alternative in detail. There are two different alternatives for transportation from Istanbul to Cappadocia by plane. The first of these is “Cappadocia Airport” in Nevşehir and the other is “Kayseri Airport” in Kayseri. Cappadocia Airport is approximately 30 km from Nevşehir city center. The distance from Kayseri Airport to Nevşehir city center is approximately 100 km. From this point of view, it would be more logical to choose Nevşehir Airport.

One of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to Cappadocia, whose reputation exceeds that of Turkey, is what to eat in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Guide

Testi Kebab

Chopped cubed meat is blended with tomatoes, garlic, black pepper and green pepper and placed in the jug. Butter is poured on this mixture and then the mouth of the jug is closed with dough. Afterwards, the jug is kept on the fire for 2 hours, and finally it is broken and the delicious food inside is eaten. As we mentioned before, test kebab is among the most famous dishes of the region and has a worldwide reputation.

Chickpea Stew

What To Eat In Cappadocia; The mutton is roasted with onions. Pre-prepared veal, onion, butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and cumin are placed in the pot together with chickpeas. Then, pepper paste and tomato paste are added along with the broth and water. Finally, all this mixture is left to cook in the tandoor.

Stuffed Apricots

Like many Cappadocian dishes, sweet apricots and pieces of meat are used in the apricot stuffing made in pottery. This dish, which is served immediately after cooking, is among the most difficult Cappadocia dishes.

Dügü Soup

What To Eat In Cappadocia; This soup is made with fine bulgur, which is called a “dügü”. After the tomato paste and butter are roasted, water is added to it, and finally, the paste is thrown into it and left to cook.

Soup with Milk

This soup, which is prepared by adding milk to boiled bulgur, is among the most consumed Cappadocia dishes and has gained the attention of tourists.

What To Eat In Cappadocia

What to eat in Cappadocia?

Stuffed Quince

What To Eat In Cappadocia; After the quinces are hollowed out, they are filled with a mixture of minced meat and turkey. This delicious stuffing is among the traditional flavors of Cappadocia.


After the tomato paste, onion and butter are roasted, half is added. In the meantime, the dried bone is placed under the pot. Then, roasted cracked wheat and water are added on top. This dish is among the dishes cooked in the tandoor.


What To Eat In Cappadocia; Eggs and flour are mixed with water or milk and fried in oil. While serving, honey or sugar curd is poured over it.


Divil, one of the traditional Cappadocia dishes, is prepared by kneading boiled potatoes with bulgur and forming small meatballs. These meatballs are fried in oil and made ready for service.


What To Eat In Cappadocia; In the Cappadocia region, dry beans are called agpakla. A mixture of white beans, bony meat and oil is placed in a pot. This pot is buried in the tandoor where the phyllo bread is baked and left to cook for 3 to 4 hours.

What To Eat In Cappadocia

What To Eat in Cappadocia?


Onions are fried with oil in a pan or a flat pan. In the meantime, add green pepper and tomato on it and fry a little more. Add hot water and salt to the mixture and cook until the onions soften. Finally, the egg is broken on it and the egg is cooked for a while without being distributed.

Nevşehir Pan

Hot peppers are chopped and placed under the pan. Cubed meat is added to it, and chopped tomatoes and garlic are added to it. It is cooked on wood fire by adding finely chopped lard and salt to the top. The cooking time of this dish is from 1 to 1.5 hours.


While preparing the squid prepared with a mixture of veal, mutton and tail fat or kidney oil, the meat and fat are roasted separately and then mixed. Sizgit is among the favorite flavors of the region.

Where To Eat in Cappadocia?

What To Eat In Cappadocia; There are many restaurants where you can eat delicious food in Cappadocia. In the coming days, we will add our articles on where you can best eat each local food on our website. But for now, we will list you 10 popular restaurants of Cappadocia.

  • Seki Restaurant
  • The Plum Restaurant
  • Sakli Konak Restaurant
  • Great Adana Kebab
  • Omurca Art Cave Cafe
  • No: 10 Restaurant
  • Elai Restaurant
  • Topdeck Cave Restaurant
  • Muti Restaurant
  • Old Greek Restaurant
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