Kebab Jug; is one of the unique flavors of the Cappadocia region. In the beginning, it is a dish formed around the tandoori culture. Today, besides the tandoor, it is also made in ovens and open hearths.

Traditional jug kebab is prepared by putting meat and ingredients in earthen pots called jugs and pots produced in Avanos district and cooking in a tandoor. This meal, which is prepared according to groups on special occasions, is offered to the service of customers in restaurants and restaurants. In addition, the small jugs that were produced by the potters from Avanos as one person were also started to be made.

So, how to make Kebab Jug at home?

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Kebab Jug

Ingredients for Kebab Jug Recipe

• 1 kilogram of cubed meat (lamb or medium-fat beef)

• 500gram tomatoes

• 500 grams of onion

• 20 pieces of garlic

• 6 medium green peppers

• 250 grams of butter

• 1 teaspoon of salt

• 1 teaspoon of black pepper

To shut the mouth of your jug:

• 1 piece of bread dough

Kebab Jug is one of the unique flavors of the Cappadocia region. In the beginning, it is a dish formed around the tandoori culture. Today, besides the tandoor, it is also made in ovens and open hearths.

The Tip of the Kebab Jug Recipe

Pierce the bread dough in several places to avoid bubbles during baking.

Cooking Suggestion for Kebab Jug Recipe

You can add the spices you want and enjoy to the kebab.

How to Make Kebab Jug Recipe?

  1. Chop the tomatoes you peeled and the green peppers that you removed the seeds from.
  2. After removing the skins of the shallots and garlic, leave them whole. Mix the vegetables to which you add salt and pepper with the meat.
  3. Take half of the butter on the bottom of the jug that you wash and drain in plenty of water.
  4. Fill the jug with the meat and vegetable mixture blended with spices.
  5. Add the butter that you cut into small pieces on the top.
  6. Cover the jug with bread dough and let the meat and vegetables cook in their own steam.
  7. If you have the chance to cook the dish, which tastes perfect in the wood fire, cook it in the open air with oak charcoal for 2 hours, and in the oven for about 90 minutes.
  8. After the cooking process, take the kebab in the jug, which you broke from the bone, on the serving plate. Share with your loved ones accompanied by shepherd’s salad.

Kebab Jug Nutrition Facts

For 1 portion;

• 46 grams of protein
• 31 grams of carbohydrates
• 64 grams of fat

Where to Eat the Best Kebab Jug in Cappadocia?

Millocal Restaurant is one of the restaurants that makes the Cappadocia Kebab Jug with the simplest recipe and keeps the best taste. You have to order the kebab, which is cooked in a stone oven for two hours, at least four hours in advance. You can also choose meat yourself, you can choose veal or ‘make it from mutton’ if you wish.

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How to Serve Kebab Jug in Cappadocia?

To serve, the dough plastered on the mouth of the jug is taken out, spices such as cumin and black pepper are sprinkled on it, and it is made ready for service. Although not in traditional practices, the mouth of the jug is broken with a line for show purposes and the food is served inside the jug in touristic restaurants.

Kebab Jug Price in Cappadocia

Kebab Jug, which is served and priced in a standard menu, with soup and salad in some restaurants in the Cappadocia region, is served individually in some restaurants. Kebab Jug prices can vary between 150 TL and 250 TL as of 2022. Some restaurants offer discounts for group guests.

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