7 Places You Should See in Goreme; The Cappadocia region is generally known as Ürgüp and Goreme. In Nevşehir, Ürgüp and Goreme, as well as Uçhisar and Avanos districts, are also worth seeing. However, in fact, the Cappadocia region; It is a large region that includes Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Niğde, Aksaray and Kayseri. These regions come to the fore as it is Goreme and Ürgüp that made Cappadocia the main name. We have prepared a nice and useful content about 7 places you should see in Goreme, which is very popular with tourists.

Here are 7 places you must see in Goreme:

7 Places You Should See in Goreme

General Information About Goreme

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Goreme is a district where natural structure shapes life. It is possible to see the tuffs erupted by the formerly active Hasan and Erciyes volcanoes here. With the effect of these tuffs, wind and rain, today’s landscapes have emerged. While Goreme was a small sub-district of Nevşehir’s central district, it became a district with the development of touristic opportunities. Goreme’s name in ancient times was Korama. This is the most important region of the world-famous Cappadocia.

There are the most beautiful examples of fairy chimneys, which are the basic building blocks of tourism in the region, in Goreme. The outer structure of the fairy chimneys was formed by the drying of the tuffs and the lava coming out of the volcano over hundreds of years. This structure contains quite different materials. However, the structures of fairy chimneys are quite suitable for absorbing paint. In addition, it has a structure that can protect the paint it absorbs for many years. Therefore, the frescoes made centuries ago in the Fairy Chimneys have become a very important tourist attraction today.

7 Places You Should See in Goreme

1- Goreme Open Air Museum

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Goreme Open Air Museum is a historical place established on a large area and contains both fairy chimneys and very different ruins such as historical churches, castles, chapels and monasteries. Here you can see a wide variety of ruins such as old structures and skeletons. You can also discover all the natural beauties. You can reach our detailed article about Goreme Open Air Museum.

7 Places You Should See in Goreme

2- Love Valley

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; The Valley of Lovers is a valley that deserves its name. Because this valley is a great place for photos that will leave unique memories with its breathtaking views. It also has a structure to experience romantic moments at sunset and sunrise. It’s hard to describe, it’s a beautiful place to live.

3- Pigeon Valley

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Another place to visit in Goreme is Güvercinlik Valley. This region is one of the most visited places with its natural beauty and history. In ancient times, most grape cultivation was done here in the Cappadocia region. When it was understood that the manure of pigeons was very good for the grapes in time, pigeons were given great importance in this region. In this region, nests were made for pigeons by making cavities in the stones.

4- Zemi Valley

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Located right in the middle of Uçhisar, Goreme and Ortahisar districts, this place is one of the best spots to take photos and take a walk. There are also several historically important churches in this area. Cappadocia Zemi Valley is one of the longest hiking trails in this region. The Cappadocia Zemi Valley, which is approximately 5600 meters long, takes its name from the Zemi Stream passing through the valley. It contains many Roman tombs.

While touring the Valley, you come across plum, stop, cherry, pear, apricot, sour cherry and hazelnut trees. You can also see Cistern Church, El Nazar Church and Karabulut Church, Görkündere and Saklı Church during your tour.

5- Pasabag Valley

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Paşabağ Valley is a very large place with sweet capped fairy chimneys. As in many famous places in Cappadocia, you can see large tour buses and souvenir shops in front of Paşabağ Valley. Do not let this upset you, because the area is very large, so it does not cause any density and problems. Even if it’s crowded, it doesn’t bother you. As soon as you step into the valley, you get caught in the harmony of the environment, so the crowd will not bother you much.

7 Places You Should See in Goreme

6- Kizilcukur Valley

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Cappadocia Kızılçukur Valley or otherwise known as Red Valley, this place is one of the most romantic places in Cappadocia. When you travel to the Cappadocia region with people you care about, you can spend your most special moments here. The Kızılçukur Valley, which hosts thousands of tourists a year, is between Ortahisar and Çavuşin Village. It is approximately one kilometer from Çavuşin. It is located four kilometers away from the Üç Güzeller Fairy Chimneys when you head towards the Ürgüp road. And it is very close to Ortahisar.

While walking on the Cappadocia Kızılçukur Valley hiking trail, which has hiking trails, the red color thanks to the tuff rocks of the valley adds even more beauty to the valley view, which is normally already magnificent, and leaves you fascinated. There are two more valleys parallel to the Cappadocia Kızılçukur Valley, which is spread over an area of approximately 1.5 kilometers.

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7- Gulludere Valley

7 Places You Should See in Goreme; Just like in other valleys of Cappadocia, there are many monasteries, churches and shelters in the Güllüdere Valley. Here you can do nature sports such as nature walks, trekking. In a part of the Güllüdere Valley track, which is divided into two parts, there are settlement areas where monks and priests were in seclusion. The settlement areas in question were carved into the rocks. There are Direkli Church, Cross Church (St. Agathangelus Church), Anna Church, Ayvalı Church, Three Cross Church.


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