Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Are you waiting for the summer months every year to take a vacation? Or do you think there is no holiday season? In Turkey, there are hundreds of excursion routes that should be seen in winter as well as in summer. Those who want to escape the stress of city life in winter can find peace in places that are natural wonders. For example, have you ever seen Cappadocia, which fascinates its visitors with its beauty, dressed in white? Watching the fairy chimneys covered in white snow accompanied by mulled wine will make your winter holiday unique. Let’s take a look at 10 good reasons to go to Cappadocia in winter.

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10 Reasons to Take a Winter Holiday in Cappadocia

1- It is a different pleasure to ride a balloon in the winter months

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Even though the cold weather scares you when you leave your hotel in the morning, you warm up as the balloon rises into the sky. And if there is snowfall at night, it is a pleasure to watch the view of Cappadocia clad in white.

2- Enjoy Romance

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Cappadocia offers a romantic atmosphere with its stylish restaurants and unique rock hotels. With its extraordinary decorations, fireplace and jacuzzi rooms, it becomes a center of attraction for those looking for romance. At the same time, many of the facilities in the region offer Turkish bath, spa, sauna and pool services. In short, Cappadocia hotels offer you a relaxing holiday experience as well as romance.

3- Indispensable Hot Wine in Winter

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Imagine sipping your wine with its wonderful taste and fragrant smell while you are by the fireplace in your rock-carved hotel… Cappadocia is known as the place where the best quality wines of Turkey are produced. No matter where you look at it, even the thought of it warms the hearts of winter holiday lovers.

4- You Discover the Silence

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Every year, an average of three million people visit Cappadocia, where nature, history and cultural richness are intertwined. The majority of domestic and foreign tourists go to this region in the summer months. The best thing about going to Cappadocia in winter is that the region is very quiet and relaxing.

In Turkey, there are hundreds of excursion routes that should be seen in winter as well as in summer. Those who want to escape the stress of city life in winter can find peace in places that are natural wonders.

5- Winter Holiday in Cappadocia is More Economical

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Not only in Turkey, but all over the world, there is a perception that a holiday will be made in the summer. For this reason, tourism regions are quite quiet and economical during the winter months. If you have never visited Cappadocia before, you can make your holiday without straining your budget.

6- A District That Smells History With Every Street

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Museums and valleys in Cappadocia serve their guests not only in hot weather but also in winter months. Among the historical and natural beauties of Cappadocia; There are routes such as Güvercinlik Valley, Çavuşin Village, Göreme Open Air Museum, Underground Cities, Ürgüp and Nevşehir Museums, Ihlara Valley.

7- Source of Healing: Hot Springs

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; There is no limit to the places to visit in the fairy tale land of Cappadocia. However, interest in Cappadocia thermal springs is increasing, especially in winter. The thermal hotels of the region are generally concentrated around Kozaklı Thermal Springs. You can plan your winter holiday according to your expectations from the facility services and enjoy the healing thermal waters as much as you wish.

8- You can add a ski tour to your holiday

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Did you know that you can do a ski tour during your Cappadocia holiday? Perhaps the most enjoyable part of visiting the region in winter is the idea of skiing on Mount Erciyes. This service is mostly provided by businesses located in Cappadocia. You are picked up from your hotel in the morning and dropped back to your hotel after the ski tour. If your hotel does not have such a service, you can also visit Mount Erciyes individually. The distance between Cappadocia center and Erciyes is only 70 kilometers.

9- Unique Cuisine of Cappadocia

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; Cappadocia offers an unforgettable winter holiday not only with its natural and historical beauties, but also with its cuisine. The reputation of the regional cuisine has gone beyond the borders of Turkey. Cappadocia’s famous pottery kebab, meat soup, chickpea stew, wedding soup and many other local dishes whet the appetite of the visitors.

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10- You Have A Great Time With Your Loved Ones

Winter Holiday in Cappadocia; What do you expect from Cappadocia on a cold winter evening? Although the answer to this question varies according to everyone’s holiday expectations, we are sure that you can find all the activities you can think of in Cappadocia. Local dances such as fasil, semah, oriental and caucasian dances are performed in historical caves with a different organization every evening. While you watch these dance performances, you will both warm up and have a pleasant time with your loved ones.

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