Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Since Cappadocia dominates a wide region, it is possible to find hotels suitable for different budgets at different points. Ürgüp, Göreme and Avanos are among the most preferred places. Hotels located in the city and district center are more luxurious and more practical in terms of transportation. However, places far from the center, especially hostels located there, are generally more attractive to student groups and tour groups that come together. If you are going to stay for long days and your budget is limited, you can choose these hostels.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; There is an authentic texture in hostels in Cappadocia, especially in Ürgüp. In addition, almost all of them have breakfast service and free internet. Cute and stylish room options can be suitable for both single guests and families. The best alternatives for those looking for a little more comfortable and luxurious options are thematic cave hotels shaped around underground cities and tourism centers. These cave hotels and mansion hotels, which rise gradually in terms of luxury and comfort, are widely found in the centers.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; If you are staying in a house converted from mansions, we can recommend the Ürgüp region. You can also benefit from services such as breakfast in the courtyard, stone rooms, interesting and local but equally stylish rooms, restaurant, bar, parking lot. On the Goreme side, there are mostly cave hotels. In some of these hotels with suite and boutique options, you can even find private hammam, bathtub and jacuzzi service for your room. In your luxury rooms, you can find useful, comfortable and cozy rooms with textured furnishings, large beds. However, you need to book early in order to stay in the very luxurious and popular ones for honeymoon.

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Where to Stay in Cappadocia

Since Cappadocia dominates a wide region, it is possible to find hotels suitable for different budgets at different points. Ürgüp, Göreme and Avanos are among the most preferred places. Hotels located in the city and district center are more luxurious and more practical in terms of transportation.

The Most Ideal Regions to Stay in Cappadocia

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; There are five main regions for accommodation in Cappadocia, and all of these regions have more or less the same opportunities when we compare them from a touristic point of view. It is useful to plan your choice of these regions in Cappadocia according to your travel plan. You can do it according to details such as transportation, food and beverage alternatives or hotel prices & types.

To briefly mention these five regions:


Where to Stay in Cappadocia; It is considered one of the touristic centers of Cappadocia and the place where its heart beats. The most ideal viewing point for balloon views in Cappadocia, Lovers Hill (also known as Aydın Kırağı and Sunset Point) is located in the very center of Göreme.

Goreme valleys are the most popular valleys of Cappadocia. Kızılçukur Valley, Güvercinlik Valley, Zemi Valley, Güllüdere Valley, Kılıçlar Valley are just a few of them. Goreme is also very rich in terms of hotel and hostel options, eating and drinking alternatives, shopping opportunities and transportation opportunities.


Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Ürgüp, one of the most important centers in Cappadocia, draws attention with its rock formations, mansions, shopping opportunities and eating and drinking places. Located 20 km from Nevşehir center, Ürgüp is one of the first regions to be preferred for accommodation in Cappadocia.

In the town center of Ürgüp, there are rocks bearing the characteristics of the Cappadocia geography and stone mansions built on the rocks. Also, when it comes to nightlife, it is the first region that comes to mind in Cappadocia. Ürgüp has many options full of restaurants, wine houses, bars and cafes.


Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Uçhisar is home to Uçhisar Castle, the highest point of the Cappadocia region, and the most beautiful examples of settlements that emerged with rock formations. Uçhisar is known as the peak of Cappadocia as it is the highest place of Cappadocia. Uçhisar is the first place that comes to mind for activities such as the view of Cappadocia and the sunset in Cappadocia.

For accommodation in Uçhisar, you can choose hotel type options with traditional character, carved from the rock, spread around the castle. If you are looking for a luxury hotel especially in Cappadocia, Uçhisar hotels may be the right option for you.


Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Avanos, established on both sides of the Kızılırmak River, has many traditions such as underground cities, unique fairy chimneys, pottery workshops and winemaking. Avanos, which has a less touristic structure compared to Göreme, Ürgüp, Ortahisar and Uçhisar, is one of the best accommodation areas to witness the “real” life of the locals and to see the traditions in person.

In Avanos, you can visit Zelve Valley, Özkonak Underground City, Yamanlı Church and Üzümlü Church. Also, making pottery is the most popular activity in the region. At the same time, Avanos wines are just as famous.


Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Ortahisar is located 5 km from Ürgüp and although it is quite rich in terms of tourism, it is a less crowded area. Ortahisar is one of the oldest settlements of Cappadocia, dominated by the settlement of rock caves carved into the valley slopes. This region, which has hosted many civilizations, is one of the ideal answers to the question of where to stay in Cappadocia in terms of both geographical and cultural characteristics and accommodation opportunities.

The most important feature of Ortahisar is that the famous castle of Cappadocia, Ortahisar Castle, which is the largest fairy chimney, is here. This castle, which is one of the first examples of multi-storey settlements in the world, is the most important element that shapes the region. Hotels around Ortahisar Castle can create both an authentic and extraordinary experience for your stay.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia

Cappadocia Cave Hotels

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; The Cappadocia region, which stands out with its fairy chimneys, welcomes many tourists every year, and some hotels stand out with their cave concept due to its historical texture. With this feature, accommodation in Cappadocia has quite different options compared to other touristic resorts. It is possible to come across hotels made of caves in almost every region of Cappadocia.

Cave hotels in many parts of Cappadocia continue to exist and host many tourists and visitors at all times of the year. Unlike the usual hotel concept of cave hotels, their design inside the cave and their integration with nature are different and attractive to the tourists coming to Cappadocia. Cave hotels in Cappadocia are generally located in the triangle of Ürgüp, Avanos and Göreme.

Transportation in Cappadocia

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; It is very difficult to define “perfect” for transportation in Cappadocia. However, the fact that the places to visit are close to each other eliminates this disadvantage. Therefore, considering the transportation possibilities, we can say that it doesn’t matter where you prefer for accommodation in Cappadocia.

Göreme, Ürgüp, Ortahisar and Uçhisar are located at very close distances to each other, and most of the points spread over wide areas such as valleys and open-air museums to be seen in these regions are considered within the borders of both regions. Avanos, on the other hand, is located a little further from the regions I have mentioned, but still there is not much difference when considering the transportation possibilities.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; The best alternative for transportation in Cappadocia is to rent a car. By renting a car, you can tour Cappadocia much more easily. There are many companies for renting a car in Cappadocia. You can rent a car either from the car rental companies at the airport or from companies in centers such as Göreme and Ürgüp. Parking spaces, main roads, side streets, etc. are very comfortable to drive in Cappadocia. In most places, you don’t have to pay parking fees, and as you guessed, there is no traffic problem.

If you are going to visit Cappadocia using public transport, there are bus, minibus and taxi options. Although you can reach the center of the regions by minibus and minibus, it is not possible to reach nature areas such as valleys. In such cases, you may need to use a taxi. Likewise, at night you will have to take a taxi as there is no public transport.

Cappadocia Hotel Prices

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Accommodation types and prices also vary in Cappadocia, which is in great demand with its unique fairy chimneys, natural beauties, historical structures, mysterious underground world and the magnificent view it offers to its visitors.

Although it varies seasonally, in general, Cappadocia hotel prices per night are as follows:

  • Ultra Luxury Cappadocia Hotel Prices: 2250 – 7000 TL
  • Luxury Cappadocia Hotel Prices: 1500 – 2250 TL
  • Mid-level Boutique Cappadocia Hotel Prices: 800 – 1500 TL
  • Cheap Cappadocia Hotel and Hostel Prices: 400 – 800 TL

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; The prices we have given above are the average prices for a single night for double occupancy. It may differ according to the season or the change in the hotel concept.

Renting a House in Cappadocia

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; During your trip to Cappadocia, you can rent a house at prices equivalent to mid-range hotel prices. Renting a house is, in our opinion, one of the best accommodation options during travel. If you want to rent a house, you can choose AirBnb, which offers the best features and convenience. Or, after choosing the area where you will stay, it is possible to find a house to rent by visiting the area or consulting the real estate agents.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia

Camping in Cappadocia

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Spring and autumn are great times to camp in Cappadocia. In Cappadocia, you have the opportunity to set up your tent in nature and enjoy yourself.

Places where you can camp for free in Cappadocia:

Where to Stay in Cappadocia; Güvercinlik Valley, Kızılçukur Valley, Love Valley, Paşabağ Valley, Güllüdere Valley, Zemi Valley, Kılıçlar Valley and the area where the balloons take off on the Open Air Museum road in Göreme are a few of them.

If you want to benefit from services such as shower, toilet and kitchen in a camping area, there are also options for this:

Panorama Camping

Panaroma Kamping is located on the Uçhisar road, 900 meters above the bus terminal. There is a large camping area for both tents and caravans under the trees. This campground, which has very clean toilets and showers, has a large kitchen area, cafe area and a nice pool that can be used in summer.

Kaya Camping

You can stay with a tent or caravan at Kaya Camping, which is located on the Nevşehir-Ürgüp road with a great view of the Red Valley. The camping area has a shower, toilet, kitchen area, refrigerator, washing machine and swimming pool.

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