What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Cappadocia is the name of a region that is in the middle of the volcanoes that were active millions of years ago and whose center is the province of Nevşehir. This natural and unique land, which emerged with years of erosion of the layers formed by the lava and ashes erupted by Erciyes, Hasandağı and Güllüdağ, due to weather events such as rain and wind, has hosted many civilizations. Cappadocia is divided into many regions. The most well-known of these are Ürgüp, Uçhisar, Göreme, Avanos and Derinkuyu.

A one-day period may seem too short for you to visit Cappadocia from start to finish, see all the must-see places and do all the activities that must be done. Actually, that’s true. But in this article, we have prepared a nice route for visitors who only ask “what to do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day”. We hope this itinerary will be useful to you. We will start our tour from Uçhisar and end in Avanos.

Note: It is useful to come with your private car or rent a car so that you can visit more places. We have created a one-day trip plan that we have prepared to travel by car.

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Goreme Panorama – 06:10

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Goreme Panorama, with its magnificent view, is one of the most perfect spots to watch the sunrise in Cappadocia. Here, it is possible to see a sun trying to rise over Göreme, a red-painted sky and colorful balloons adorning the sky that bear witness to these. Do not make the mistake of coming to Cappadocia and not watching the sunrise!

If you have more time, you can take a horse safari, take a unique balloon tour or join an Off Road tour in Cappadocia, whose name means “Land of Beautiful Horses” in Persian. But since we wrote this article for a one-day trip, we regretfully leave these activities behind and set off for the Valley of Love.

Love Valley – 07:10

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; It is said that the Valley of Love is preferred by visitors who want to have a moment with their wife, husband or lover to immortalize their love. Swing Cafe, in a decor also known as the Cappadocia swing, is a very famous place among visitors who want to take a souvenir photo.

It is not known whether it is due to the aura of the environment, it is said that even those who go without falling in love lose their hearts while in the valley. Also, at this point, you can go up to Lovers Hill, the peak of the valley, to watch and photograph the visual feast created by the balloon flights.

Goreme Open Air Museum – 08:00

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Göreme Open Air Museum, which has entered the UNESCO World Heritage list, attracts attention with its structure made of volcanic tuff. Throughout history, the peoples living in this region have managed to stay away from many wars and central authority thanks to the rugged structure of the area. Monasteries, churches, chapels, wineries, warehouses and fairy chimneys built in the 3rd century continue to exist in the region. You can find our detailed article about Göreme Open Air Museum here.

Valley of Zelde (Zelde Open Air Museum) – 08:45

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Pasabag and Zelve Valleys, located 2 km apart on the Goreme-Avanos road, are definitely a must-visit spot. There are churches, residential areas and wineries at the Zelve Open Air Museum, which has a walking track that you can complete in 45 minutes at a normal speed. Consisting of three valleys, Zelve is one of the places where fairy chimneys are most concentrated in Cappadocia.

It should be noted that this region is also one of the important religious centers of Christians, and the first religious seminars given to priests took place in this valley. Bird sounds will accompany you as you wander through Zelve Valley, which was an active residential area until 1952. When you look towards the tops of fairy chimneys, the nests built for pigeons will make more sense.

A one-day period may seem too short for you to visit Cappadocia from start to finish, see all the must-see places and do all the activities that must be done. Actually, that’s true. But in this article, we have prepared a nice route for visitors who only ask “what to do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day”.

Pasabag Valley – 09:45

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Located right next to Zelve and hosting world-famous fairy chimneys, Paşabağ Valley hosts many fairy chimneys, young and old. You can observe that the old fairy chimneys in this valley are about to disappear. In this valley, where there is a pleasant walking path, monks used to retreat in ancient times.

In addition to these, another issue we should mention is that Zelve and Paşabağ Valleys host many organizations. Cappadox Festival, full moon walks in Zelve, yoga organizations and contemporary art organizations are just a few of them. By following the events on our website, you can participate in these events on your longer Cappadocia trip.

Avanos – 10:45

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; You can reach Avanos, where the Kızılırmak River flows through, after a short journey from Göreme. Avanos has a very different texture and appeal than Goreme. The first three things that come to mind when people think of Avanos are the Red River, the Swinging Bridge and pottery. You can have more information about Avanos by reading this article we wrote about Avanos. Since the subject of our article is a one-day trip to Cappadocia, we will only talk about the Kızılırmak, Swinging Bridge and pottery.

The longest river in Turkey, Kızılırmak, passes through Avanos and adds a special charm to the region. The Swinging Bridge, which connects the two sides of Avanos, is the symbol of Avanos. Be sure to try to cross this bridge, which is scary for some and fun for others. Pottery is a profession identified with Avanos. In Avanos, where there are many pottery workshops, you can enter one of these workshops and try to make pottery or shop.

Uchisar Castle – 13:30

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; After the lunch break, the next destination is Uçhisar Castle. When you arrive in Uçhisar, which is very close to Göreme, the magnificent Uçhisar Castle will welcome you. For souvenir lovers, it is possible to find many shops around the castle. Apart from that, there are camels and ponies for children waiting to take you around the side streets of Uçhisar in front of the castle.

Uçhisar Castle may look a bit neglected because it is not very well preserved, has been affected by erosion and the tunnels inside have collapsed. However, since the castle is the highest point of the region, it presents the surrounding fairy chimneys, nature formations, the foothills of the hill, the side streets and the surrounding mountains in all their glory.

Three Beauties – 14:45

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Three Beauties on the Ürgüp road is one of the iconic places of Cappadocia. Three Beauties, the most famous of all the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, has the following story:

According to the story, the beautiful daughter of the fairy sultan fell in love with a shepherd in Cappadocia. Despite all the obstacles of the fairy sultan, his daughter ran away to the shepherd and they got married. In time, they also had a child. The fairy sultan, on the other hand, got more angry when he heard this news and sent his soldiers to find the shepherd and his daughter. When the fairy sultan’s daughter saw the soldiers coming towards them from afar, she prayed to God not to separate her and her family from each other. The wish of the sultan’s daughter was granted and the three of them turned into these three beautiful fairy chimneys and remained together forever.

Urgup – 16:00

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Ürgüp is one of the interesting points both because of its nature and because it is home to many different civilizations in history. Because it is on the historical Silk Road and in the middle of the civilizations connecting Istanbul to Jerusalem, it carries the breezes of many periods together. Here we will talk about two places you can visit.

Hope (Temenni) Hill

After a short tour of Ürgüp by car, you can see Temenni Hill. Temenni Hill, located in the very center of Ürgüp, reveals the city panorama with its height of 80 meters. This rocky hill, which can be seen from all over Ürgüp, got its name from making a wish and tying a rag in the tomb on its summit.

Asmali Mansion

Although Asmalı Konak doesn’t make much sense for foreign tourists, it is one of the “must see” places for Turkish tourists. The reason for this is that this mansion hosted a famous TV series broadcast on Turkish television for a while. But foreign tourists also have a reason to go to this point. This is because Turasan Winery, one of the most well-known wine producers of Ürgüp, which is famous for its wines, is located very close to here. You can taste wine and shop at Turasan Winery.

Kizilcukur Valley – 17:15

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Kızılçukur, which is very close to Ürgüp, is a true natural wonder. The valley, which is named Kızılçukur because of the rare red tuff rocks, is completely painted red with the sunset. You can watch the sunrise, take a walk, visit the churches and take pictures in this valley, where you will have a pleasant time with a mulled wine and a unique sunset view. After a tiring trip, it’s time to eat and rest.

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day

Derinkuyu Underground City – 06:45

What To Do in Cappadoacia in 1 Day; Derinkuyu Underground City is quite far from the city center, so it can be luxurious for a day trip. However, we recommend that you take a quick trip early in the morning the next day and see this fairy-tale underground city.

Derinkuyu Underground City, one of the most famous underground cities not only in Cappadocia but also in the world, is one of the places you should definitely visit during your Cappadocia trip. Derinkuyu, which was created by carving the soft tuff, was used more as a shelter over the years. In Derinkuyu Underground City, there are many sections such as a barn, a supply room, a church, sitting areas, a winery, and a tomb. There are also vents and bolt stones for defense and communication between floors.

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