Tourists Flock to Cappadocia in January; Last month, 88.677 domestic and foreign tourists visited the museums and ruins in Turkey’s Cappadocia Region, which is one of the important tourism centers with fairy chimneys, rock churches, underground city settlements and balloon tours.

In the Cappadocia Region, Göreme Open Air Museum, which is open to tourism by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Zelve, Açıksaray and Mustafapaşa Ruins, Nevşehir, Ürgüp, Hacıbektaş Archeology and Ethnography and Hacıbektaş Veli Museum, Hacıbektaş Atatürk House, Çavuşin, Gülşehir St. Jean, Mustafapaşa Constantin Eleni, Dark and El Nazar Churches, and Özkonak, Tatlarin, Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu underground cities were visited by 88,677 domestic and foreign tourists last month.

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Tourists Flock to Cappadocia

Most Visited Places in Cappadocia in January

While 26.876 of the tourists visiting the region visited the Göreme Open Air Museum, 26.575 local and foreign tourists visited Zelve Ruins, 15,821 visitors to Kaymaklı Underground City, and 8,176 tourists to Derinkuyu Underground City. While the increase in the number of visitors in the Cappadocia Region gives hope to tourism professionals, 42 thousand 560 people visited the Cappadocia Region, which started to 2022 with an increase after the decrease in the number of tourists in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Tourism Professionals Are Satisfied With The Interest

Tourism professionals in the Cappadocia Region, who are preparing for the new season with a hundred percent increase compared to the previous year, said that they are hopeful for 2022. In his statement, Tourism Manager Mehmet Dinler, Chairman of the Board of Royall Balloon, said, “Nevşehir Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate published the data for January 2022. Based on these data, there is a hundred percent increase this year compared to the previous year. Approximately 80 thousand visitors are in Nevşehir. “They visited the ruins and museums. In the light of these data, we, the tourism professionals, are very satisfied in the upcoming season. We expect an increased activity, especially as of April.”

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