The movie of Jorge da Cappadocia; The premiere of the movie ‘Jorge da Cappadocia’ was held in Cappadocia. The premiere of the movie “Jorge da Cappadocia”, about the life of St. George, a Cappadocian soldier, which will be screened in 16 countries at the same time, was held in Cappadocia. In addition to Nevşehir Governor İnci Sezer Becel, the producer, director and actors of the film attended the gala screening held in Perili Ozanlar Vadisi in Nevşehir’s Göreme town.

Many scenes of the movie were shot in the Cappadocia region in 2019 by the production company Cesgranrio Foundation from Brazil. Before the premiere screening of the movie, the guests visited the photography exhibition where the shooting scenes of the movie were included.

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Jorge da Cappadocia

The Movie Will Be Screened in 16 Countries

Nevşehir Governor İnci Sezer Becel, who made a statement to the journalists at the gala screening of the film about the torture of the first Christians by the order of the Roman Emperor Deocletian in the 3rd century and the life of a heroic soldier from Cappadocia, George (Saint George), said, “Today we are hosting a beautiful event. Shooting 2019 We held the premiere of the movie “Jorge da Cappadocia”, which was held in 2016 but could not be screened due to the pandemic. After the Cappadocia premiere, a gala program will be held in Brazil, and it will be screened in 16 countries in 2023, “he said.

“Cappadocia Is Very Impressive”

Governor Becel, who said that the people of the region also took part in the movie Jorge da Cappadocia, a movie that tells the life story of a Roman soldier who was born and raised in Cappadocia, said, “Cappadocia is a region that receives visitors from many countries of the world. We expect the number of visitors from Latin America to increase after this movie is screened. ‘ he said.

In his statement, Alexandre Machafer, the director and the leading actor of the movie, said, “It was very nice and impressive to shoot a movie in Cappadocia. I was very impressed every time I came. I was very happy to shoot a movie here. I can say that Cappadocia is the most beautiful geography in the world.” After the screening of the movie, plaques were presented to the artists who took part in the movie, especially the director and the leading actor of the movie.

Plot of the Movie

Life on the rocks in Cappadocia continued for generations, and in the following centuries it became a suitable place of worship for both monks who were in seclusion and colonies living a monastic life. Georgios, one of the most depicted saints in the Cappadocia Region, means the revival of nature and fertility in Greek. It is believed that he was born in Cappadocia as a child of a wealthy family in the 3rd century AD. Upon the death of his soldier father when he was a child, he and his mother settled in the city of Lydda in Palestine.

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In his twenties, the Empire of that period went to Iznik and was accepted into the Roman army with the reference of his father, who was known as one of the best soldiers of the Emperor. He was promoted to the rank of major in a short time and became one of the favorite soldiers of the Emperor. At that time, upon the order to kill those who refused to worship the Roman gods, Georgios, who had accepted Christianity like his mother, did not obey the Emperor’s order and fled. Then he comes to the Cappadocia region as a soldier.

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