Ortahisar Castle, named after the town in which it is located, is known as the largest fairy chimney of Cappadocia. Rising like the pinnacle of Babylon, the palace is one of the first known high-rise settlements on the planet and a constant target of Silk Road parades. The stones, on which Ortahisar Castle is surrounded by steep valleys on three sides, were cut by the main Etiler for the ultimate security and shelter in ancient times when wars were abundant. Later, it was used as a temple during the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

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Ortahisar Castle

History of Ortahisar Castle

The town’s primary settlement began in the palace, and as the population expanded, new 2-storey houses were built moving up the slopes. Nevşehir Ortahisar Castle was conquered in 1470 during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Ishak Pasha Castle, also called the small Ortahisar Castle, seen from the east side of the palace, is thought to be related to the victory of Ortahisar Castle.

Especially; Fatih Sultan Mehmet sends Ishak Pasha to the region to settle the Karaman issue. When Ishak Pasha appeared, he had to take the Urgup Castle, which is also called Temenni Hill today. Regarding the victory of Ortahisar Castle, individuals provide assurance against Ishak Pasha and the entrance and exit of the palace are provided with huge whetstones. When Ishak Pasha realized that he could not enter the palace in this way, he dug underground cavities and conquered the palace only by entering through the passages.

It is thought that the tar well at the entrance of Ishak Pasha Castle was opened during the Ortahisar Castle victory. Likewise, unlike the Uçhisar Castle in the region, the palace, which is more modest but more stubborn and high, was nicknamed the palace by outsiders. Ortahisar Castle, one of the largest in Cappadocia with its height of 1,200 meters and a height of 86 meters, is 80 meters from the north to the ground and 110 meters to the south. Passages, rooms and passages connected to each other are cut inside the palace. Although it is difficult to climb the hill, it has an untiring effect with its view of old towns and valleys.

Where is Ortahisar Castle and How to Go?

Ortahisar is associated with the Ürgüp region of Nevşehir. The distance between Ortahisar and Nevşehir is 15.5 km. The distance between Ürgüp and Ortahisar is 6.3 km. Ortahisar Castle is 4 km from Göreme Open Air Museum. To go to Nevşehir Ortahisar Castle, you can take the minibuses departing from Ürgüp and Göreme. If you have the chance to accompany your vehicle, you can leave your vehicle at Ortahisar Tepebaşı Square and cross on foot.

Ortahisar Castle, named after the town in which it is located, is known as the largest fairy chimney of Cappadocia. Rising like the pinnacle of Babylon, the palace is one of the first known high-rise settlements on the planet and a constant target of Silk Road parades.

Ortahisar Castle

Places to Visit in Ortahisar

Hallaç Monastery

Hallaç Monastery is one of the most preferred places for holidaymakers. Hallaç Monastery is a religious community based on a large mass. It has figured out how to come to the present in a strong structure, how to overcome every normal situation, but it still started to explode inward slowly. It takes its name from the Hallaç Stream located here. Hallaç Monastery is also a community and has an extraordinary structure. It was inherent in the eleventh century and was used as an erased religious community. At the point you go to Cappadocia, you should see this religious community visited by foreign travelers for the first time.

Ortahisar Ethnography Museum

The Ethnography Museum was opened in 2004 in the reclusive Ortahisar of Cappadocia, where the whole life of Cappadocia is told. You can enter the exhibition hall with the old ruins of Cappadocia with your gallery card. You will examine the chronicled ruins inside with incredible attention and admiration. The places to visit in Ortahisar are recorded as follows. In any case, you can take a helper with you and join Ortahisar palace with a helper. In Cappadocia, you can take beautiful photos in the evening as well as in the daytime, especially during your visit to Cappadocia.

You can beautify these photos with the Fairy Chimneys illuminated by the lights of the whole city on an Ortahisar evening. You can watch the fairy piles and sparkling land of Nevşehir in the most ideal way from Ortahisar palace. At a point where you need to relieve your tiredness in the evening, you can easily stay in pensions rebuilt from caves and decorated convincingly.

From the moment you arrive to Cappadocia, which has been the subject of countless movies, books, stories and tunes, you will never want to go. Every day you will wake up feeling an extraordinary light and enjoy watching your feet sink into the sand as you step on its delicate soil. We recommend that you join excursions that work in the area and tour the interior of the arrangement to see each of its wonders. Thanks to these visits, you can reach every one of Ortahisar’s wonders and evaluate them endlessly.

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Pancarlik Valley

Assuming that you are interested in the valleys of the region and you say, “Let me take a walk and enjoy some nature”, you can also go down to Pancarlık Valley, just above Ürgüp – Mustafapaşa street. Pancarlık Valley is 4 km away from Ortahisar and the holy places of Kepez, Sarıca and Pancarlık can be your route during your walk. If you wish, you can also participate in cycling trips and watch the valley with inflatable boats.

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