Cappadocia region is a place where nature and history are integrated. While geographical events created the Fairy Chimneys, people carved houses and churches into these fairy chimneys, decorated them with frescoes, and carried the traces of thousands of years of civilizations to the present day. The written history of Cappadocia, where human settlements date back to the Paleolithic period, begins with the Hittites. Cappadocia, which has hosted trade colonies throughout history and established a commercial and social bridge between countries, has also been one of the important crossroads of the Silk Road.

Although Cappadocia, which means “the land of beautiful horses” in Persian language, is known as a city, it is actually the name of a large region, a large part of which is connected to the province of Nevşehir. It is possible to reach Cappadocia, whose popularity is increasing day by day with its magical atmosphere, by road, airway and train. There are many activities you can do in Cappadocia, which has different accommodation options, especially seeing the fairy chimneys and making a balloon tour.

How Old Is Cappadocia?

The first living remains in Cappadocia date back to the Paleolithic period (chipped stone age). It is known that the Hittites ruled the region after this period, which started 2 million years ago and extended to 8000 BC. In Cappadocia, where Assyrian and Phrygian influences were seen until the Persian invasion in the 6th century BC, the Kingdom of Cappadocia was established in the region when Alexander the Great defeated the Persians in 300 BC.

Although Cappadocia, which means “the land of beautiful horses” in Persian language, is known as a city, it is actually the name of a large region, a large part of which is connected to the province of Nevşehir.

Cappadocia Guide

In the 3rd century BC, wars began with the Romans in the region, and in the 1st century BC, Roman influence began to increase. When the last King of Cappadocia died in the 600s, the region became a province of the Roman Empire. In the 700s, Arab invasions began in the region. In the 12th century, the Seljuk period begins in the region. Cappadocia, which was ruled by the Ottoman Empire during the Anatolian Seljuk period and afterwards, has been within the borders of the Republic of Turkey since 1923.

How Cappadocia Was Formed?

The unique structure of the region began to form with the lava erupted by the volcanic mountains of Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan in the Cappadocia region, together with Güllü Dağ, about 60 million years ago. The soft texture formed by lava and ashes has been shaped by the winds and precipitation of nature’s artist hands over millions of years. Today, this change and shaping continues partially. Hittites, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans ruled in the region, respectively.


Where is Cappadocia?

Fairy chimneys, one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to Cappadocia, are mostly located in the valleys within the Ürgüp – Göreme – Avanos triangle. In addition, fairy chimneys are seen in the Çat town of Nevşehir, Soğanlı Valley in Kayseri, and Aksaray Selime Village.

What Is Special About Cappadocia?

The unique landscape of Cappadocia is one of the most important features that make it magical. Adorned by the world-famous fairy chimneys, Cappadocia offers a magnificent view to its visitors. However, one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the Cappadocia landscape is to fly over the region with Cappadocia balloon tours. Cappadocia hot air balloon tour is the least costly and definitely the most beautiful one in the world in terms of balloon tour.


What is Speacial About Cappadocia?

One of the things that make Cappadocia magical is the caves in the region. These caves were built centuries ago and some are still used as homes. Sunrises and sunsets in Cappadocia are also unique. The sun rises here before 5am and the scenery is priceless. Another factor that makes Cappadocia special is the underground cities created centuries ago in the region.

How Far Is Cappadocia From Istanbul?

The distance between Istanbul and Cappadocia is approximately 760 km on the highway. The journey by car between Istanbul and Cappadocia takes approximately 8 hours. If you plan to come by bus between cities, this time can be up to 11 hours. If you prefer to travel between Istanbul and Cappadocia by plane, the flight time takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The distance between Cappadocia and other important city centers is as follows:

  • Ankara: 272 km
  • Izmir: 850 km
  • Antalya: 575 km
  • Konya: 230 km

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Cappadocia?

The preferred seasons to go to Cappadocia are generally spring and autumn. If you want to see the resurrection of nature and the revival of green, perhaps you can see the most beautiful portrait of the world in Cappadocia in spring. In autumn, a nature where green and yellow mix and turn into a color ceremony will welcome you in Cappadocia.

April – May, when your joy of life will be revived while walking in the valleys with almond, apricot trees and poppies, or October – November, when you will mingle with the yellowish-colored farewell of nature before winter, are extremely ideal for a visit to Kapdokya. While these seasons make it more enjoyable to travel without getting cold or sweating, they also include the peak periods of various festival activities.

How Long Do You Need In Cappadocia?

In order to have a nice trip in Cappadocia, you should spare at least three days. A weekend may be enough just to see and explore this magical region. But the ideal time to fully explore and enjoy Cappadocia is one week. By reading the travel plans on our website, you can determine the most optimal time and plan for you.

Which Airport Is Closest To Cappadocia?

The two closest airports to the region are the Cappadocia Airport in Nevşehir and the airports in Kayseri. However, Nevşehir Airport is generally preferred because it is closer to the Cappadocia region. The frequency of the expeditions varies according to the city and periods. You can reach Cappadocia from Nevşehir airport by taxi, private transfer or the shuttle service of the hotel you will be staying at.

How To Pronounce Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is written in Turkish as “Kapadokya”. It is spelled “ka-pa-dok-ya”. In this respect, it is quite similar to English spelling and pronunciation. You can click on this link to listen to the Turkish pronunciation of it.

What Time Is It In Cappadocia?

In Cappadocia, Turkey Time or TSI is the current time. UTC+3 time is used as a fixed time in the country. Daylight saving time, which was used in the past, was terminated on September 8, 2016, and the country’s official time was fixed from UTC+2 to UTC+3 in order to use summer time in winter.

According to some other countries, the time zone of Cappadocia is as follows:

  • China: UTC +08:00
  • United Arab Emirates: UTC+ 04:00
  • Cappadocia: UTC +03:00
  • Bulgaria: UTC +02:00
  • Switzerland: UTC +01:00
  • USA: UTC −06:00 (CT) — Central Time zone
             UTC−05:00 (ET) — Eastern Time zone

Can You Drink Tap Water In Cappadocia?

Tap water is not drinkable in the Cappadocia region. The reason for this is that high levels of arsenic are detected in the water flowing from the taps in the region. Although some local areas and villages have potable tap water, we advise visitors not to drink tap water.

Where Is Cappadocia?

Although Cappadocia is connected to Nevşehir in terms of location, it is spread over a wide region including the provinces of Kayseri, Niğde, Kırşehir and Aksaray. Cappadocia, one of the most important tourism centers in Turkey, is among the most visited destinations in Turkey.

How To Get To Cappadocia From Istanbul?

The Cappadocia region is very advantageous in terms of transportation, both due to its location and its popularity. You have more than one alternative for transportation from Istanbul to Cappadocia. You can go to Cappadocia from Istanbul by train, bus or car. You can find various articles on our website with transportation to the Cappadocia region from different locations.

How Many Days Needed In Cappadocia?

It is very difficult to give a clear answer to this question. We have to say that if you want to visit and explore every point in the Cappadocia Region, you will need a week. However, a well-planned 3-4 day trip to Cappadocia will also be quite satisfactory.

Is Cappadocia Safe?

Cappadocia is quite safe for tourists. You can have a safe holiday in Cappadocia, where public order incidents are quite rare. One of the most frequently asked questions about security in Cappadocia is whether hot air balloon tours are safe. Although there have been a few accidents caused by passengers who do not comply with safety rules or pilot errors in recent years, we can say that hot air balloon tours are safe in general.

Is Cappadocia Expensive?

Since the Cappadocia region is an important tourism region of Turkey, we can say that it is a little more expensive than the general of Turkey. In the Cappadocia region, you will spend most of your budget on accommodation and (if you will) a hot air balloon tour.

However, it will be one of the financially attractive tourism destinations for foreign tourists, as the Turkish Lira has lost a lot of value against foreign currencies, especially the Euro and Dollar, in recent years.

Do You Need A Car In Cappadocia?

If you want to draw the route of your Cappadocia holiday yourself and if you have limited time for sightseeing, we recommend that you rent a car to visit Cappadocia. Also, if you want to tour Cappadocia from top to bottom, you will definitely need a car. Because some areas can be quite difficult to reach.

Does It Snow In Cappadocia?

After October in the Cappadocia region, the weather begins to cool seriously. This situation continues until the end of March. Snowfall usually starts like December, but this precipitation, which is described as sleet, does not stay on the ground until the end of December. More heavy snowfalls occur in January. Since both night and day temperatures are quite low, the falling snow stays on the ground for a long time.

Is There Uber In Cappadocia?

There is no Uber in Cappadocia. You can use local taxis or public transportation vehicles for transportation in the Cappadocia region. You can also rent a car.

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