Cappadocia Will Shine With Health Tourism

Cappadocia Will Shine With Health Tourism; Known for its richness in nature, history and cultural tourism, Cappadocia is getting ready to come to the fore in health tourism with its geothermal resources. The facility, which was started last year for the storage and distribution of the thermal water detected in 2013 in the Mustafapaşa village of the Ürgüp district of Nevşehir, was completed.

Within the scope of the project supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Konya Plain Project (KOP), the thermal water with a temperature of 60 degrees was made ready for use with the work carried out by the Nevşehir Governorship Special Provincial Administration. After the infrastructure work, the accommodation facilities in the village will start to benefit from the thermal water service.

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Geothermal Services in Cappadocia Will Become an Attraction For Tourists

Cappadocia Will Shine With Health Tourism; Kamil Duru, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, who made an examination in the area where the works were carried out, stated to the journalists that the geothermal service to be offered at the facilities between the fairy chimneys will be a new attraction point for tourists in the region.

Stating that 20 percent of the facilities with a capacity of 10 thousand beds in Mustafapaşa village will benefit from thermal water in the first stage, Duru said:

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Cappadocia Will Shine With Health Tourism; “There is a well depth of 2,200 meters, we draw 13 liters of water per second from 1200 meters. We also bring health tourism to this area full of fairy chimneys. We have spent nearly 2 million liras. We will start water distribution this year. Nearby hotels will benefit from this. It will not be used for heating. Istanbul University “In the research conducted by the Faculty of Medicine, it was said that it is good for skin health and also healing for bone diseases. Some hotels have started promotions. They have been in great demand. The fact that geothermal tourism will be added to the mystical structure of Cappadocia already shows that there will be a lot of demand.”

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