The second of the “Cappadocia Tango Marathon” will be held in beautiful Cappadocia, one of the most magnificent locations in the world, between 14 – 18 July 2022. A magnificent tango festival, this event will consist of three evening milongas, two afternoon milongas and pre-party milongas on the first day. “Cappadocia Tango Marathon” will take place at Perrisia Hotel, one of the largest hotels in the Cappadocia region. You can find the details of the organization below.

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cappadocia tango marathon

Schedule 14-18 July 2022

Day 1 (14 July, Thursday)

Admission – For those who arrive early to join the City Tour on Friday…

Free time

Opening Milonga

Day 2 (15 July, Friday)


City Tour* (not mandatory)

Friday Milonga

Day 3 (16 July, Saturday)

Balloon Ride* (not mandatory): After Friday milonga, Saturday morning

Free time

Day Milonga

Saturday Milonga

Day 4 (17 July, Sunday)

ATV Tour* (not mandatory)

Pool Pleasure

Day Milonga

Closing Milonga

18 July, Monday


Accommodation and Transportation

Accommodation will be at the five-star Perissia Hotel. You can reach the hotel, which is close to Kayseri and Nevşehir Airports, directly from the airport with the following shuttle fees.

  • Shuttle from Kayseri Airport to the Hotel: 110 TL (one way)
  • Shuttle from Nevşehir Airport to Hotel: 100 TL (one way)
  • A shuttle will be arranged according to the number of people from Ankara. 350 TL (one way)

DJ Team

  • Giuseppe Clemente (Italy)
  • Olga Dunaeva (Russia)
  • Georges Samaha (Lebanon)
  • Odysseus Dada (South Korea)
  • Evguenia Roubtsova (Russia)
  • Eray Yüksek (Turkey)


  • 4 days double room
    (Marathon + Accommodation)
    3500 TL/person
  • 4 days single room
    (Marathon + Accommodation)
    5000 TL/person
  • 3 days double room
    (Marathon + Accommodation)
    3000 TL/person
  • Single room for 3 days.
    (Marathon + Accommodation)
    4200 TL/Person


After registration, you will receive an email. Make sure you type your email address in the registration form correctly and always check your SPAM folder.

The email will contain details on where and how you will pay for the marathon and hotel fee.

If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, please specify the dates in the notes section of the registration form.

For extra nights, double room is 650 TL, single room is 900 TL per person.

No refunds can be made after the fee has been paid.

All prices are discounted in TL for Turkish participants.

Included in Cappadocia Tango Marathon Fee:

  • Accommodation at Perrisia Hotel
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Open Buffet Dinner
  • All Milongas
  • Complimentary tea, coffee, water, fruit and snacks during the day and evening milongas
  • Night soup on Friday, Saturday and Sunday milongas
  • Outdoor and indoor pools (Massage available for a fee at the spa center)

Not included in Cappadocia Tango Marathon Fee:

  • Balloon Tour
  • City Tour
  • ATV Tour

How to Register to Cappadocia Tango Marathon

To register for Cappadocia Tango Marathon, it is sufficient to click on the link and fill out the registration form in the link that opens. You can also access more detailed information about the event on this website.

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