Cappadocia Sword Valley, which has a mystical atmosphere, stands out with its history as well as its scenery and nature. Because the cavities made on the Sword Valley are very old, an indication that it has hosted many nations. At the same time, Cappadocia Sword Valley, which is one of the central points of Anatolia, is also a good settlement in terms of location. Noticing this settlement, people built new cities in the region. Moreover, there are underground cities, which are very old settlements, around Sword Valley.

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Cappadocia Sword Valley

History of Cappadocia Sword Valley

Cappadocia Sword Valley is home to many different architectural structures such as caravanserais, underground cities, villages, towns, churches and mosques. Sword Valley, which was frequently used especially in the Roman and Byzantine periods, is also very important as it is the place where the first Christians performed their worship. For this reason, Cappadocia Sword Valley, which has a great influence on the Christian geography, is among the points worth seeing.

There are different motifs and similar cavities at each point of the region. The meaning and story of some of these motifs and carvings are not understood even today. But most of all, together with the Virgin Mary, Hz. The motifs that tell the birth and life story of Jesus stand out. Therefore, the region is in a particularly strong position in terms of religion.

The Christian History of the Cappadocia Sword Valley

Cappadocia Sword Valley, which is an impressive natural structure, has a very important place for the history of Christianity. Because this valley became a valley where the Christian people met their basic needs such as shelter during the Middle Ages. The Sword Church and the Virgin Mary Church, which were built especially during the Roman and Byzantine periods, are among the most visited points of the region. The frescoes and carvings of both churches were carved in the Byzantine Period.

At the same time, the surrounding regions of the valley are among the points where the first Christians performed their worship and spread their religion. In addition to these, the activities of the first Christians in the region are very important for Christian history. It is possible to see information about Cappadocia Sword Valley and other valleys in Cappadocia in Christian history.

Cappadocia Sword Valley, which has a mystical atmosphere, stands out with its history as well as its scenery and nature. Because the cavities made on the Sword Valley are very old, an indication that it has hosted many nations.

Churches in Cappadocia Sword Valley

Cappadocia Sword Valley stands out with its churches in general. Because the Sword Church and the Virgin Mary church, which were built during the Middle Ages, are located in the valley. These two important churches are among the places to visit after discovering the nature of Sword Valley. The frescoes, motifs and similar engravings on both churches are among the impressive elements. In order to have information about the historical texture of the region, it will be sufficient to examine the architectural structure of both churches in detail.

Sword Church

Sword Church is located 550-600 meters from the entrance gate of Göreme Open Air Museum (on the right on the Göreme road). The dome of the church, with its superficial definition, rises with a combination of four columns. At the same time, the dome fascinates the guests with its “Closed Greek Cross” appearance. It is also very important that the history of the church dates back to the Byzantine Period. Because its construction in the Byzantine Period is seen as a work of Christians to spread their religion.

Cappadocia Sword Church

In addition to these, there are Bible frescoes shown among the centuries-old stories of the church. The peculiarity of this church, in which 33 scenes from the Bible are masterfully adapted to frescoes, have been described by word of mouth for centuries. An estimated 12 of the 33 scenes on the frescoes describe the child Jesus. While 3 of them summarize the adult and mature Jesus, the rest concentrate on the sufferings of Jesus. At the same time, all 33 scenes on the frescoes proceed in a chronological system.

In addition, it is noteworthy that the miraculous events of Jesus Christ are wanted to be summarized with the help of motifs. In addition, it is known that the walls covered with motifs describing the accusation of the Virgin Mary and her ascension into the sky were painted. It is written that this event, which is very important for Christian geography, took place between the 9th and 10th centuries. Therefore, the painting of these walls with very old motifs is the biggest indication that the church has a much older history.

Virgin Mary Church

To arrive, you have to follow the road passing through the Tokalı Church. The Virgin Mary Church is located approximately 200-250 meters away from the main road. The Church of the Virgin Mary has a narrow structure of 5 meters and a rectangular shape. The frescoes are among the main reasons why the church, which consists of 3 apses, is called “Virgin Mary”.

Most of the frescoes on the church are about the Virgin Mary. In addition, frescoes about the death of the Virgin Mary and the baptism of Jesus stand out. In addition, on the left apse of the church, there are figures of the important saints of the Cappadocia region. It is known that the frescoes on the church were carved at the beginning of the 11th century.

Cappadocia Sword Valley

How to go to Cappadocia Sword Valley?

Cappadocia Sword Valley is located within the borders of Göreme. In this sense, we can say that it is located right across the Göreme Open Air Museum. To explore the historical ruins more closely, we recommend you to stop by Sword Valley after visiting the Göreme Open Air Museum. There are several different methods you can use to get to the valley. Among these methods, the main method used by those who do not have a personal vehicle is car rental services. Cappadocia Sword Valley is approximately 8-9 km from Ürgüp, 7-8 km from Avanos, 150m from Göreme, and finally 4-5 km from Uçhisar.

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What to Wear When Going to the Valley of Swords?

Cappadocia Sword Valley has a structure with rough terrain. Therefore, it is necessary to choose appropriate clothes before visiting the region. For this reason, it would be better to wear sporty clothes in order to visit the region’s rough road route and steep rocks more comfortably. Sporty clothes provide a more comfortable experience during the trip, as it adapts more easily to rough terrain.

However, we recommend you to buy a hat, especially if you plan to visit Sword Valley in the summer. Because in summer, the sun falls on the valley at right angles. For this reason, you can choose items that protect your head, such as a hat, to prevent health problems that may occur as a result of sunstroke. At the same time, due to the natural nature of the region, it has become the common life center of different living things. Therefore, it is healthier to choose clothes that completely cover the body in order to protect from the living species in the region.

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