Cappadocia Rose Valley is located in Göreme, which is surrounded by valleys and attracts attention with its unique fairy chimneys. (It’s known as “Güllüdere Valley” in Turkey.) Traces of all the civilizations that have come and gone can be seen easily in this region. Göreme region attracts attention not only with its magnificent historical textures, but also with its unique nature. The history of this region dates back to the Chalcolithic Age.

The region was known as “Korama” in the 6th century. This area was used as a cemetery during the Roman Period. Later, in the 11th and 13th centuries, it became a very important religious center for Christians. Göreme region is a unique region with its historical traces and unique nature.

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Cappadocia Rose Valley is located in this magnificent region. One of the two entrances of this valley is in the Goreme region. Rose Valley, which has a unique view that changes according to the season and weather conditions, welcomes visitors with different beauties in each season. Watching the sunset in Rose Valley is also incredibly enjoyable. The reflection of the lights on the fairy chimneys during sunset creates a magnificent view. Travelers who come to visit the valley sit on the rocks here and enjoy the magnificent view.

There is another feature that makes Cappadocia Rose Valley special. There are churches and monasteries from different periods in the valley. Many churches located here have their own unique features and beauties. For this reason, those who visit here should definitely see the churches and monasteries inside. As in the whole of Cappadocia, volcanic formations have become settlements where people can take shelter. Accordingly, there are also settlements in the valley.

Cappadocia Rose Valley

The Churches in Cappadocia Rose Valley

Cappadocia Rose Valleyis an extremely rich region in terms of historical traces. It is possible to witness the deep traces of history together with the structures that have survived to the present day.

There are exactly 5 churches in the Cappadocia Rose Valley. The valley is divided into two branches and the first branch is called Güllüdere 1. The second branch is called Güllüdere 2. Famous for their endless seclusion, the monks lived in the first column. It is possible to come across a lot of monks’ cells during the walks. After a 10-minute walk after entering the valley, Yovakim – Anna Church welcomes you. After this church, Direkli Church can be seen.

Then comes the second branch, and here, too, there is the Ayvalı, the Cross Church and the Three Cross Church. The churches in the valley must be visited and seen.

Cappadocia Rose Valley is located in Göreme, which is surrounded by valleys and attracts attention with its unique fairy chimneys. (It’s known as “Güllüdere Valley” in Turkey.) Traces of all the civilizations that have come and gone can be seen easily in this region.

Three Cross Church

This church is reached by passing through vineyards and apricot trees. The church got its name from the carved three cross motifs on its ceiling. It is among the churches that must be seen because of its cross motifs and frescoes that have survived to the present day by resisting time.

Although the construction of the church is dated exactly as the 7th century, it is thought that the frescoes in it belong to the 10th century. It is also stated by historians that it protected Christians from Muslim and Arab raids at that time. It was also used for protection and shelter.

Ayvali Church

The shortest way to reach this church is to follow the dirt road through Çavuşin Village. This road takes people to Güllüdere 2 Valley quickly after 1 km and after a 15-minute walk, the church is reached. It is recommended that those who will visit the church use this road, as it is a very short route.

The church has very important features. It consists of two chapels carved from the rock and connected to each other by a passage. These chapels were used as tombs in the north. Over time, this area continued to be used as a dovecote. The frescoes surrounding the arches of the entrances have survived to the present day. These frescoes are worth seeing.

Yovakim Anna Church

There are small chapels on both sides of the church, which is arranged as a complex. For this reason, it is also considered as a monastery. It is thought that the chapel on the left was used as a cemetery.

The Cross Church

Göreme is on the left of Cappadocia Rose Valley. The valley basin is on a narrow slope. It is thought to have been built in the 6th and 7th centuries. A single apse was added to the church later. The nave is rectangular in shape and on the flat ceiling of the church there are huge reliefs, which are also quite magnificent. Palm motifs can be seen here. Cross symbols are among the symbols that must be seen.

The frescoes on the apse have also survived to the present day. The Crusader Church must be visited just to see these frescoes. It has remarkable frescoes with its unique features. The historical textures that have been preserved until today are extremely important. Those who come to visit the region should see it without missing it.

Features of Cappadocia Rose Valley

Cappadocia Rose Valleyis spread over an area of ​​approximately 4 km. For this reason, it is one of the most popular trekking areas. With its length and unique nature, it is a suitable area for nature sports. Especially in the spring months, the landscape with apricot and almond trees in lush green environments, colorful flowers becomes perfect. There are dovecotes here, as in other valleys.

In the Cappadocia Rose Valley, located on the skirts of Bozdağ, both the whole majesty of the mountain can be seen and Kızılçukur, which is right next to it, can be seen. Its unique and perfect view has always been the focus of visitors. The fairy chimneys in the region, on the other hand, present a magnificent view as if the hand of the fairies has been touched.

Where is Cappadocia Rose Valley?

Rose Valley is located in Nevşehir province, between Çavuşin Village and Göreme. After entering Çavuşin Village and passing the mosque and cemetery, you can reach the Rose Valley. There are many direction signs in the village, and when you follow them, you can easily reach the valley.

On the way, Meskendir Valley will meet the people first. Afterwards, the valley track starting 2 km south of the old Çavuşin Village and extending in the east and west direction will continue as Güllüdere 2, Güllüdere 1 and Kızılçukur Valley, and will end after Meskendir and Göreme. The valleys can be reached via a dirt road. In order to reach the entrance in this village, it is necessary to proceed over this dirt road.

The other entrance of the valley is located in Göreme. At this entry point, Meskendir Valley is the first stop. Directions to Rose Valley may change for both entrances.

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Cappadocia Rose Valley Campground

The valley also offers very good opportunities for campers. Rose Valley also has a rich structure in terms of camping areas. There are extensive hiking areas in the area. Likewise, visitors can make tent camping and caravan camping in this beautiful environment. It is possible to make unforgettable camps among apricot trees in a lush environment in summer and spring.

How Much is the Cappadocia Rose Valley Entrance Fee?

There is no entrance fee for Cappadocia Rose Valley. Although there is no charge to enter the valley, there are different fees for churches in the valley, albeit small. It may be necessary to pay a fee to visit the structures located in the valley, which has a magnificent view and historical buildings.

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