Cappadocia Love Valley; A place where you can come with your spouse, family or alone, the Love Valley (or also the Baglidere Valley), will offer you unforgettable memories in Goreme. Love Valley, which is among the best places to watch the sunrise not only in Cappadocia but also on earth, is an extraordinary paradise that fills the sky with balloons.

Cappadocia Love Valley; You can find the opportunity to visit the Love Valley through the numerous hotels you can stay in and hundreds of tours you can join in the Cappadocia region, or you can go to the Love Valley by your own means. Do not forget that the most important item you will take with you when you go is the camera. Because you will engrave images that you will never want to forget.

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About Love Valley

Cappadocia Love Valley; The length of the Love Valley is 4900 meters. Although the entrance of the valley is not very suitable for vehicles, transportation is still provided here. As soon as you grit your teeth a little, a beauty that will never regret you will be waiting for you at the end of the road. Just after the descent, the water that comes in front of you will make your job a little more difficult. However, once you get past this short zone, all that remains is to enjoy this pleasure.

Cappadocia Love Valley

Cappadocia Love Valley; The most important feature of Cappadocia and Love Valley and the elements that make this place wonderful are undoubtedly the fairy chimneys. With their different sizes, colors and impressive words, these looks will make you fall in love with them. It looks like it was taken from the Smurfs cartoons that we are a fan of, with their hat-like appearance on top of their cylinder views.

Cappadocia Love Valley; The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours between vineyards and fruit trees. If you are accustomed to nature walks, we are sure that you will happily remember every moment of this region, which you can finish in a short time with a light pace. But even if you say “I am not used to nature walks”, you will not even realize that you are tired of the beauties of the region. After completing the Cappadocia Love Valley region as a sweet adventure, the Goreme – Avanos road will be waiting for you. After reaching here, you can optionally visit the Paşabağları – Zelve, Çavuşin or Göreme regions.

The Story of Love Valley

Cappadocia Love Valley; This story, which is quite old, takes place in a village. In ancient times, there was a village with a regular beauty and a very strong water flow. Ten dynasties lived in this village, which is also very fertile in terms of fruits and vegetables. One day, there was a fight between two dynasties. After this fight, the village was officially divided into two. The sides of the fight, on the other hand, became unable to stay in the same village after a while. Due to constant fighting, the village had to be divided into two. Since the villages were separated, the young people from these two villages could not talk to each other.

Love Valley, which is among the best places to watch the sunrise not only in Cappadocia but also on earth, is an extraordinary paradise that fills the sky with balloons.

Cappadocia Love Valley; However, two villagers who rebelled against this situation decided to introduce the two young people. And the young people also fell in love with each other at first sight. This love, which spread to the people of the village, made the two villages even more hostile to each other. The two villages, who realized that they could not separate these two young people, even though they cast spells, quarreled and threatened them, and eventually they got married, albeit reluctantly. Come and go, the beautiful children of the world were born to two young people. However, people living in two separate villages who cannot accept this love kill the young man.

Cappadocia Love Valley; The girl, on the other hand, cannot bear the death of her husband and commits suicide. After the death of two young lovers, it is said that God rained stones on this valley. These stones kill everyone who does not want the young people to meet. A story born after such a love could only be called “Valley of the Lovers”. It is even among the rumors that the spirits of the couple who died in this valley frequently visit and talk to their remaining children.

Cappadocia Love Valley

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Where is Love Valley and How to Go?

Cappadocia Love Valley; This region, which can be encountered with many names such as Love Valley, Lovers Valley, Bağlıdere, is within the borders of Nevşehir Göreme. At the same time, this region includes the place called Lovers Hill and allows you to see all of Cappadocia from here. It is also very easy to come to this wonderful place where you can take the whole region under your feet. You can come here either with your personal vehicle or by bus. However, most tour companies prepare programs for this region at affordable prices. If you come with the tour, it will be an easier choice for you. For those who come to Cappadocia from research, tour companies are extremely guiding and you do not go back without seeing any beauty.

On the way from Göreme to Uçhisar, just after the lower entrance, you will see the entrance to Âşıklar Tepesi. However, Bağıltepe is written on the signs. There is a jewelery store next to this entrance, which will be on your right. When you follow this road, if you follow the road that diverges to the right from the two roads in front of you, you will reach the Baglidere road you want to go. You can also choose to walk, as this road is a bit narrow and unsuitable for vehicles.

Cappadocia Love Valley; After this road, you will come to very steep parts. It is useful to be a little more careful in order not to have difficulty walking on the land consisting of tuff and not to fall. When you pass this road, you will see the magnificent Love Valley view after an hour or so. Don’t be intimidated by the tuffy roads. You just have to walk with a little care.

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