Cappadocia Included in the World’s Top 100 Geological Heritage List; The inclusion of Cappadocia in the “Top 100 Geological Heritage List in the World” determined by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) will contribute to the promotion of the region. To identify geological heritage sites, IUGS evaluated 181 candidate sites proposed by geoheritage experts in 13 countries. In the announced “Top 100 Geological Heritage List in the World”, Cappadocia was included in the volcanology category and Pamukkale in the geomorphology and active geological processes category.

The locations, which attract attention with their geological structures from 56 countries, were then presented to 33 international experts for analysis and divided according to the categories of history of earth sciences, starigraphy and sedimentology, paleontology, volcanic and metamorphic pertology, volcanology, miocene, tectonic, mineralogy, geomorphology and active geological processes, and extra-terrestrial rock.

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World's Top 100 Geological Heritage List

Awareness of Cappadocia Will Increase

Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University Faculty of Architecture and Engineering Department of Geological Engineering Prof. Dr. İsmail Dinçer stated to Anadolu Agency (AA) that the formations that set an example for science in explaining the geological processes in the development of the world are called geological heritage and that Cappadocia has a wide geography in this sense. Dinçer noted that the fact that Cappadocia is among the top 100 geological sites not only increases its awareness, but also makes it a region registered in this context by the scientific world.

Noting that for many years, local and foreign scientists have visited Cappadocia as part of their studies in the field of geology, Dinçer said:

“In Cappadocia, we can see all phases of the volcanism that continued from 12 million years ago to 4 million years ago. Later, the erosion of this volcanic succession by environmental conditions turns into a unique set of surface shapes. Fairy chimneys are the most important of them. Cappadocia is not a geopark, but this study, “The activities in that direction will play a strengthening role. Cappadocia is a region on which hundreds of publications have been made in the international scientific geology community. The fact that it is registered and recognized by the international community will increase its visibility.”

Levent Ak, Director of Cappadocia Tourism Region Infrastructure Service Association (KAP-HIB), said that Cappadocia’s being among the 100 most important geological areas of the world was welcomed in the region.

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“Cappadocia Will Come To The Forefront In Geotourism”

Stating that the geographical formations offer an interesting view to those who visit Cappadocia, Ak said:

“There are many beautiful places in the world in terms of earth sciences. Unlike these, a different natural beauty has emerged with fairy chimneys and valley formations in Cappadocia. At the same time, Cappadocia has hosted many civilizations. This situation has also added cultural richness to the region. Balloon tourism in our region is known worldwide. “Those who take part in the balloon tour can see one of the most beautiful geological areas in the world when they look from above. Cappadocia is a unique region with its natural and cultural characteristics. Adding it to the geomiras list will also contribute to the prominence of our region in geotourism and increase tourism diversity.”

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