Cappadocia Devrent Valley; Cappadocia, which was formed as a result of the lava eruptions of Mount Hasan and Mount Erciyes 60 million years ago, and whose history dates back to pre-human history, is famous for its valleys and fairy chimneys. One of the most well-known valleys of Cappadocia, where there are more than 200 valleys, is Devrent Valley. Some of these valleys are not suitable for touristic trips. Cappadocia Devrent Valley, which stands out with its splendor and sensuality among more than 200 valleys, is becoming more and more popular day by day.

Cappadocia Devrent Valley has an important place among the valleys of Cappadocia, which is estimated to have been formed 60 million years ago, and which met the various needs of the first Christians. Devrent Valley Cappadocia is a unique structure with different processes at each point. The atmospheric structure of this building draws you to itself. After entering Devrent Valley, you can find yourself in a different world.

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Cappadocia Devrent Valley

Information About Cappadocia Devrent Valley

With its historical ruins, sights worth seeing and different populations of life, Devrent Valley is among the spots frequented by tourists. According to rumors, about 50 million years ago, Cappadocia passed as a gigantic inland sea. As a result of the eruption of active volcanoes around it at regular intervals, the sea dried up piece by piece with the heat it spread to the environment. The drying of the lavas produced by the volcanoes in the long term has left its place to soft tuff rocks. These soft tuff rocks hardened and took their present shape thanks to the long-term formation. For this reason, the fact that the fairy chimneys on Devrent Valley have different lengths is due to the distribution of lava sprayed by the volcanoes.

Cappadocia Devrent Valley is located in Avanos. Located within the borders of Cappadocia, the region welcomes its guests with its fairy-tale portrait. The fairy chimneys on the valley have an appearance as if they were alive in ancient times, but now they have turned into rocks. Because of this image, Devrent Valley is also called “Imagination Valley”. It is also known as “Pink Valley” in the language of the local people as the tuffs turn pink-red colors during sunrise and sunset.

Cappadocia Devrent Valley History

Cappadocia Devrent Valley is among the first discovered places in Cappadocia. The history of Devrent Valley dates back to the Hittite Period. It is possible to see artifacts from the Hittite Period in a small part of the activities carried out on the region. But the valley was mostly used during the Byzantine Period. Churches opened throughout Cappadocia during the Byzantine Period made the region a strong religious establishment.

Devrent Valley became the shelter of the first Christians who wanted to get rid of the oppression of the Romans in the 3rd century BC. The valley, which brought solutions to the vital needs of the first Christians, attracts attention with this feature. The first Christians got rid of the oppressive attitude of the Romans, and left themselves to natural formations such as Cappadocia Devrent Valley. Especially in the Roman and Byzantine Periods, it revealed the hand skills of the Christians on the Cappadocia valleys. The fact that Christians are experienced in handicrafts can be understood more clearly from the carvings and motifs they carved in the valleys of Cappadocia.

Devrent Valley was contented with the activities of the local people during the Byzantine Period. Comprehensive studies have not been carried out on the region, but the needs of the people have been met correctly. Christian people also built churches of different sizes, especially from the 9th century to the end of the 14th century.

Cappadocia Devrent Valley


Cappadocia Devrent Valley Attractions

The most well-known fairy chimney of Devrent Valley is the camel-like fairy chimney that we often see in Cappadocia photographs. This fairy chimney in the valley is both the promotional face of Cappadocia and the background of a TV series that was once loved in Turkey. The fairy chimney, which resembles a camel, is the first point visited by every visitor to Devrent Valley, so it was surrounded by fences and prevented from being destroyed.

After seeing the fairy chimney that resembles a camel, you can start hiking from the pathway into the valley. The region has a structure similar to a huge U-shape. Devrent Valley on one side of this U shape and Kızılçukur Valley on the other side. In the middle part, there are Zelve Valley and Paşabağ Priests Valley. While walking around Devrent Valley, other interestingly shaped fairy chimneys and the mystical atmosphere of the environment will make you feel like you are living in another era.

What To Do in Cappadocia Devrent Valley

One of the most preferred activities in Devrent Valley is trekking and trekking. In this place, which is one of the most magical corners of Cappadocia, you can take a pleasant walk, leaving yourself to the magnificent view and the magnificent beauty of the pink and gray fairy chimneys. Horse safari is another option you can choose.

Pasabagi is one of the places you can see close to the valley. Here you can see the highest fairy chimneys of the region with mushroom caps and a height of approximately 14 meters. By visiting the Valley of the Priests, you can see the valley where the first Christians lived, and go to the Zelve Valley, one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia.

When you come to Avanos, which is famous for its pottery, do not leave without watching the pottery structure and trying to make it yourself. When you come to Avanos, where girls were not given to men who did not know how to make pottery and girls who did not know how to weave carpets could not get married, you should definitely add pottery making to your to-do list.

Where is Cappadocia Devrent Valley and How to Go to Cappadocia Devrent Valley?

Cappadocia Devrent Valley is on the Avanos-Ürgüp road. This road consists of a straight and uneven route. At the same time, this road gives guests the opportunity to see Devrent Valley from the top. Before you start your trip to Devrent Valley, seeing the valley as a bird’s eye view makes your trip more enjoyable. Another alternative is the Paşabağ-Zelve road route. At the same time, the average distance between Devrent Valley and Avanos is 6 kilometers. The distance of the region to Ürgüp is recorded as approximately 2-3 kilometers. You can reach the valley with your private car, by renting a car or by minibus.

Cappadocia Devrent Valley

Camping in Cappadocia Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley camping area is available. Most of the guests set up their camps against the view of Cappadocia. But after the camp is over, the fire must be extinguished. Because Cappadocia stands out with its lush nature as well as its tuffy rock formations. At the same time, it is forbidden to light a fire in the forest or green areas. The emergence of possible fire problems causes great damage to the historical texture of Cappadocia. Therefore, the authorities in the region subject the camping areas in Cappadocia to strict controls.

Cappadocia Devrent Valley Entrance Fees

You do not have to pay any fee to visit Devrent Valley. The entrance is free and you can visit as much as you want. However, there may be a parking fee and an entrance fee to the churches in the Valley.

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What Should You Wear When Going to Cappadocia Devrent Valley?

In Cappadocia, it reaches high temperatures in the summer months. In summer, the sun’s rays fall on Cappadocia at right angles. For this reason, you should pay attention to the light color tones of the clothes you will take with you. It will be useful to have a hat to protect yourself from the sun rays that come at a right angle. In this way, health problems that may occur as a result of the sun’s rays falling on the head at a right angle are prevented. At the same time, there are small creatures living on Devrent Valley. In order to be protected from the bites of these creatures, it is more advantageous to choose clothes that will cover all or most of your body.

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