Avanos is a town located in Cappadocia, which is one of the important tourism regions of Turkey. It is known that the district, which is mostly visited by Christians, has a great importance in the spread of Christianity. The district, which has a hot and sweltering air in the summer months, takes on a white blanket in the winter months. The district, where tourists usually visit during the summer season, is home to many historical monuments.

Avanos, which does not have a shore to any sea, was established around the Kızılırmak, which is known as the longest river in Turkey. There are many churches and monasteries in the region, which is heavily visited by Christians. However, the popularity of the region, where cultural values ​​are high, is also at a high level. There are many places to visit that are stated to be visited by millions of tourists every year. These areas include cultural areas, especially religious areas.


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History of Avanos

Avanos, history whose dates back to 3200 BC, was one of the important commercial centers of the region at the end of the Early Bronze Age. In the letters of Assyrian merchants, this region, which is in the Kızılırmak arc, is referred to as the Hittite country. Avanos, known as Venassa-Nenassa during the Assyrians, Zu-Vinessa during the Hittites, Enez-Evenez-Uvenez during the Seljuks, and Vanote during the Byzantine period, was named Avanos after the conquest of the Seljuk Turks, after Evranos Bey, one of the commanders of the Seljuk army.

Avanos, which does not have a shore to any sea, was established around the Kızılırmak, which is known as the longest river in Turkey.

Cappadocia Guide

It has been the scene of many settlements dating back to 3000 BC and since prehistoric times. There are no definitive documents regarding when and by whom the district was founded. Avanos, one of the most impressive regions chosen as a settlement by various civilizations, has lived and living human communities are fully integrated with nature and history, the lifestyle of the society has continued throughout history despite all the difficulties caused by the wind, weather and natural environment.

Where is Avanos?

Avanos, one of the distinguished districts of Nevşehir, is located in the Central Anatolia Region. The district, which stands out with its historical and touristic places, is visited by thousands of people every year. The town, which has no coastline, has the Kızılırmak River as its water source. The distance of the district, which is 13 kilometers from the city center, to Cappadocia is approximately 20 kilometers.

How to Get to Avanos?

There are two important alternative ways to reach Avanos: by road and by air. There is no sea transportation to Avanos, which has no coast. Avanos can be reached by both private vehicles and bus services. To reach Avanos from Nevşehir, you need to travel about 20 kilometers. Transportation is provided by bus services or private vehicles. Those who want to go by bus services can reach the region by paying a fee of 20-30 TL. You can also reach Avanos by landing at Nevşehir Airport by plane and traveling approximately 25 km.

Avanos Pottery

What to Do in Avanos?

Avanos has a structure that stands out with its beauties and fascinates everyone with its historical texture. There are many things to do here.

Make Pottery

There are many workshops where you can try pottery in Avanos, which is famous for its pottery. Here you can both learn how to make pottery and try to make pottery. The pots you make can be a nice Avanos souvenir for you.

Take a Balloon Ride

One of the most important things you can do here is a balloon tour. If you are excited about it, then you will be able to fully enjoy it.

Taste Delicious Grapes

If you come to Avanos in October, you will have coincided with the vintage time. We recommend that you do not neglect to taste the grapes here.

Take Lots of Photos

The Cappadocia region is literally a gateway to historical artifacts. Avanos is one of the most beautiful places here. If you came here, you can take lots of photos and reflect yourself in the photos along with the historical places.

Horseback Safari

Horse Safari is often done in Avanos. You can add this to your to-do list before you come.

Avanos Cuisine Dishes

You can see different foods and drinks in Avanos, which is defined as the Central Anatolian cuisine. You can taste what you see and discover the taste of the local people.

Cycling Tour in Avanos

We recommend that you do not leave Avanos without a bike tour. So much so that Avanos is a very enjoyable place for cycling. You can take your bike and have the opportunity to travel every inch of Avanos.

Walk a lot

If you have free time and you are bored, we can say that the most important activity to do in Avanos is walking. You can both enjoy nature and examine historical places in more detail.

What Is Avanos Famous For?

Apart from the fairy chimneys, the three main features identified with Avanos are:


Pottery as a handicraft gives life to Avanos tourism. The soil brought from the mountains around Avanos is processed by masters in workshops called workshops and cooked at 800-1200 degrees. In this way, a large number of pots of different types and sizes are produced. Visitors can take small lessons in pottery workshops and try pottery.


Besides pottery, carpet weaving, which is an important sector in Avanos tourism, has a history dating back to the foundation of Avanos. With the root dyes obtained by boiling various herbs collected from the mountains, eye-catching carpets are woven in red and yellow colors.


The taste of the wines produced in Cappadocia has only exceeded the borders of Turkey. You can get information about the wines by tasting the flavors of Cappadocian wines obtained from the grapes grown in the fertile lands of Cappadocia at the wine production facilities, and discover the wine that suits your palate.

What to see in Avanos

Places to Visit in Avanos?

  • Pasabag (Valley of the Priests)
  • Zelve Valley – Zelve Open Air Museum
  • Cavusin
  • Özkonak Underground City
  • Özkonak Belha Church Monastery
  • Yamanli Church
  • Sarihan (Saruhan) Caravanserai
  • Cech Tumulus and Sarcophagus
  • Pottery Workshops
  • Aladdin Mosque
  • Old Monopoly Building (Historical Nuri Bey Mansion)
  • Underground Mosque
  • Stone Bridge
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Devrent Valley
  • Avanos Hair Museum
  • Meskendir Valley
  • Guray Museum

Where to Stay in Avanos?

Hotels in Avanos are designed in a way that does not disrupt the architecture of the natural image rather than modern architecture. These models are welcomed by tourists with interest. One of the positive aspects is that it is located close to important touristic areas in the district, where mostly only and small hotels are located.

The exteriors, which are generally in a color close to the color of sand, have colors compatible with Cappadocia. Some hotels have small pools. These hotels, which are generally made for accommodation rather than vacation, are met with great interest. Among the main accommodation places in the district are Sevdalı Guests Guesthouse, Akman Boutique Hotel, Suhan Cappadocia Hotel & Spa, Duru Hotel Cappadocia, By Cappadocia Hotel & Spa and Miracle Cave Hotel.

What to Eat in Avanos?

Turkish cuisine of Avanos is quite rich. Avanos, which has a rich food culture, has many dishes that are highly appreciated by its guests in its delicious cuisine. Tarhana Soup, Ağ Pakla (Dried Beans), Vineyard Rice (Vineyard Rice), Casserole (Stew), Flatbread (Baking), Pastry, Çığıtma, and the Baked Pot Meat, which is now offered to its guests in many restaurants in accordance with the conditions of the day, and which is known as “Testi Kebab”, are the most well-known dishes of Avanos.

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