A First in the World Was Held in Cappadocia

Table tennis volunteers in Nevşehir organized an event that will be the first in the world in Cappadocia, on the occasion of April 6, World Table Tennis Day. Table tennis volunteers celebrated 6 April World Table Tennis Day by playing table tennis underground, above ground and in the sky in Cappadocia.

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Organized with the theme of “Table tennis is everywhere” in order to raise awareness, the event first started in the sky. The participants who played table tennis in the balloon that took off with the portable table tennis table set up in the hot air balloon in the Cappadocia region, broke new ground in the world. Thus, table tennis went down in history as a sport that can also be played in the sky.

The activity, which lasted for thousands of years in Nevşehir Castle and Kaya Şehir, continued underground afterwards. The event, which continues in the underground city of Kaymaklı, which has a history of thousands of years, went down in history as a first in the world.

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Turkish Table Tennis Federation President Dr. Oktay Çimen said, “April 6 World Table Tennis Day is celebrated all over the world. All countries send shots about this organization to the World Table Tennis Federation. We wanted to organize this event in Turkey, at the same time to make our voice heard to the world and to introduce the Cappadocia region and Nevşehir to the whole world.”

“We also developed such a project to attract interest in table tennis. We do shows both in the balloon, in the castle and underground. Here we experience the beauty of table tennis. I hope these shots we made win the first place in the world. A competition is also organized by the World Table Tennis Federation. I believe that it was a good organization both to promote Cappadocia and to promote this branch of sports.”

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